Funny Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

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Whist everyone sends emotional and sentimental birthday wishes to your boyfriend, some in formality and some with love, you can be different by sending him funny messages. And wait, if you think funny message couldn’t have any other feeling, then you are wrong.  Its incredible to make your boyfriend burst into laughter reading your message. Our funny birthday wishes for boyfriend is of the same kind. We have tried to added lots of fun our messages keeping in mind that we don’t any sentiment.

So, if you are in search of funny birthday wishes for boyfriend, refer our collection and we assure you that just like our other messages collection, you will not be disappointed.     

Funny Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

What else you want on your birthday this year as gift, the God has gifted you such an amazing girlfriend already. Happy Birthday babe.

Happy birthday sweetheart. Today, I am very happy for you and the day is no less than a celebration for me. At the moment could you please lend me some cash, to buy a gift for you.

Happy birthday honey! Today I wanna share a secret with you, do you know why I say honey to you? Because, like bee girls move around you.

Happy birthday my handsome. Congratulation for getting older and older and becoming hotter and hotter.  Oh, I my must remain cautious while coming closer to you. Isn’t it?

You and me are the best couple because I am hot and you are cold. Hot and cool. Happy Birthday, sweety.

Happy Birthday, I have come as a gift at your home, please unwrap me. Well, it is a joke, with lots of love, wish you a great day.

Dear boyfriend, I have hijacked you for a day, and you are not allowed to go anywhere. Hope you like my birthday celebration way.

Happy Birthday sweety. One should never lie on their birthday. So, I will answer all your questions truthfully, you can ask any. And I am asking you just one question, please answer it. What is your salary?

Happy Birthday sweetheart. Today I wanna confess one thing. You have an excellent taste. I am saying this because you chosed me as your girlfriend.

Happy birthday dear boyfriend. A true love means you are accepting the person with all his flaws. I have also done the same.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

Happy birthday dear, I miss our strong chemistry even today. Have a great day.

I know it’s annoying to wish you on your birthday. But I think we can be a good friend if not a good couple. Lots of wishes for you birthday.

Have a lovely birthday dear. Though our relationship didn’t last long but I like you as a person.

Lots of wishes to you on your birthday. May you have a great time with your new girlfriend.

I want to forget you forever but something is still stuck. Happy Birthday dear, can be just good friends.

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

I love you not because you look good, you earn great, you have a charming personality. The reason is I see little me in you, which I love. Happy Birthday, my love.

With you I feel protected and priceless, thanks for loving me so much and such a way. Happy Birthday.

I don’t know what you saw in me, so you love me so much. Thanks for making me so special. Happy Birthday.

The more time we are spending together, the more I am falling in love with you. Don’t be so good to me that I become your fan. Happy Birthday to you.

I want to hold you hand tight and stand by your side in all your birthday celebrations as your wife. Love you my love, happy birthday.

Birthday wishes for boyfriend in English are easy to find online as lots of options are there. But birthday wishes in Hindi for boyfriend is quite difficult to get. To help you in the same, we have prepared an awesome collection. So, do send birthday wishes in Hindi to your boyfriend, and make his day super special.

Birthday Wishes In Hindi For Boyfriend

Main tumase pyaar karati hoon isliye nahin kyonki tum achchhe dikhte ho, tum acha kamaate ho, tumhaare paas ek aakarshak vyaktitv hai. Tumhe chahane ka kaaran hai ki mai tummai thoda sa khud ko bhi dekhti hoon, jo mujhe pasand hai. Janmadin Mubaarak ho mere pyaar.

Tumhare saath main surakshit aur amoolay mahasoos karti hoon. Mujhe itana pyaar karane ke lie dhanyavaad, aur is tarah se karte rahna. Janmadin kee shubhakaamanaen.

Mujhe nahin pata ki tumane mujhamen kya dekha, ki tum mujhse itna pyaar karate ho. Mujhe itana khaas banaane ke lie dhanyavaad. Janmadin kee shubhakaamanaen.

Jitna jayda mai tumhare karee baa rahi hoon, utna jyada tumhare pyar mai doobte ja rahi hoon. Janamdin ki dherro shubhkamnayein.

Mai tumhara hath pakad kar hamesha, tumhare haar ek janamdin par, tumhari jeewansathi ban kar khadi rahna chahati hoon. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend With Love

Oh, I love you so much that I can’t afford to not meet you even for a day. Although you wanted to spend this special day with your friends but I couldn’t stop myself coming in. Love you, happy birthday.

I am the one who all your annoying activities. So you can be true yourself with me. No hiding, happy birthday.

You have heard this so many time from me but I have only this say, I love you a lot babe, happy birthday.

I can’t buy expensive gifts for you, can’t dress up like babe, but I assure you that I will love you without any condition for all my life. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my sweet boyfriend who laugh hard on my senseless jokes. Love you.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

Our ways have strayed but my heart still beats for you. I don’t know what you feel for me but I still love you. Happy Birthday.

You are me ended up abruptly and there is no chance of retaining that lovely relation. Can we become friends again. Wish you happy birthday.

I didn’t bring the best gift for you on your birthdays, I used to take you casually but that was just because at the corner of my heart I was sure that we will never break up. Anyways, happy birthday, have a great day.

The memories of our love days are still fresh in my mind. Whenever I feel low, I refresh them and start feeling happy. Thanks for loving me so much, though for a short time. Happy Birthday.

May your birthday be as great as you are. And I know it will. Nothing can be low with you. Happy Birthday.

It is not easy to write funny birthday wishes for boyfriend but it is not impossible as well. With little try, you can do that. And if didn’t, no problem, why are we for. Our amazing collection of birthday wishes will help you write the same messages.

Do let us know whether you like our collection or not, and don’t forget to share, if you need something exclusive. We will surely try to cater to you.

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