Teachers Day Wishes, Quotes And Messages

by Swati Singh

If you want to send teachers day wishes to you beloved teacher on the any of the above mentioned occasion, our happy teacher’s day messages will help you in the same. We have prepared an awesome collection of messages taking into account the relationship of teachers and students. So, don’t give it a miss, do check our wishes and send it to your teacher to cheer him/her up.

Teacher, the word is the synonym of respect. The teachers have not gained this respect overnight or has come to them as a gift. They have gained it with their persistent efforts. No one can replace the position of a teacher in a student’s life. Therefore, when the teacher’s day come, teachers all over the world receives love and respect from their students and many times from the parents of students. In India, we celebrate teacher’s day on 5 September to mark the birthday of Dr Sarwapali Radhakrishnan. International teacher’s come on 5 October. It was established on 1994 commemorates the signing of 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the status of teachers.

Teachers Day Wishes

Mere words will never be enough to thank you for the hard work you invested on us to bring out the best from us. Happy teacher’s day my dearest teacher.

Parents give us life but a teacher educates us how to live it to enjoy its real essence. Happy Teacher’s day, dear teacher!

When all the doors close, a teacher who opens the door to guide students which way to go. And the miracle is that he is always right. Happy Teacher’s day.

Our parents, integrating love, respect in our character send us to the school. There, you inculcate honesty, brotherhood, passion and integrity in our character to make a good human being. Happy teacher’s day.

What we are today is because of your unsatisfied passion for teaching. Thanks for making us what we are today, happy teacher’s day!

We were the frogs of well, you showed us the sky and then we understood, we can go to that height. Thanks for broadening our vision, happy teacher’s day.

 Every child is unique and talented. It’s the teacher who brings out that hidden talent from a child. That’s why a big salute to all the teacher’s.

Today I am a successful person, and this has become possible because of a successful teacher like you. Thanks for mentoring me so well. Happy Teacher’s day, Sir!

It is your hard work and dedication that has brought me here, otherwise I was no more a loser. Thanks for supporting me, you are my most beloved teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Even if I will keep thanking you for the whole day and night, it would not be enough to thank for what you did for me. You owe me, sir. Happy Teacher’s Day.

Happy teachers day Wishes

Happy Teacher’s day messages

I love coming to school because it has teachers like you. Happy teacher’s day to all my teacher’s.

A school becomes greater because of its teachers not because of its infrastructure. I am proud that I studied in a school that has great teachers and poor infrastructure. Happy Teacher’s day.

Dear teacher! All your planted seedlings have turned into big fruit giving trees. A big salute to your altruistic  service. Happy Teacher’s day.

Dear teacher, you were a true blessing in my life. You turned me from a bad boy to an incredible personality. With lots of love, happy teacher’s day.

 You are the one who made me fall in love with subjects I hated. Thanks for all the support. Happy Teacher’s day.

If you are thinking what to write in the card you have brought for your teacher, not to worry! Refer our teachers day wishes collection to get some idea or drafted messages that you can forward as it is.

Best Wishes On Teachers Day From Students

Wish you happy 2020 teacher’s day. May you have an incredible day. Happy Teacher’s day!

You inspired me to become a teacher. Thank you for all the support and motivation. Happy Teacher’s day!

Many-many wishes to you for the wonderful day. You enjoy your day, happy teacher’s day.

Dear teacher! See, how big we have become, the kids who used to scare talking to you are not sending you teacher’s day wishes. Happy Teacher’s Day!

If I give someone the place next to God in my life. It would be you. Thanks for supporting me in everything. Happy Teacher’s day!

Teachers Day Quotes
Teachers Day Quotes

Happy Teacher’s Day Quotes

Teaching is not a profession, it is a social work that every teacher should have in mind.

Teach children altruistically and you will get everything that you dream of. Happy teacher’s day.

Teaching is the only profession that teaches about all other professions. Be proud that you are a teacher. Happy teacher’s day.

 A great teacher is the one who inspires not the one who teaches. Happy Teacher’s day.

A great teacher can turn even the worst child into a great personality. Happy teacher’s day.

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Teacher's day wishes
Teachers day wishes

Funny Teacher’s day wishes

Happy Teacher’s day to the teacher who made me believe that my not as big loser as I think I am.

If you can make me complete my homework, you can do any impossible thing. Happy Teacher’s day.

Dear teacher, with lots of love and respect, I wish, you have a joyful day.

Like a rock star, you were always able to draw our attention toward you. Happy teacher’s day to the most wonderful teacher in this universe.

Happy teacher’s to you dear teacher. Today I remember who simply you use to give the school supply knowing it well that we will never return it.

Hope our lovely teachers day wishes has inspired you to draft some good messages for your teacher, if yes, then thanks. If no, let us know what you want from our side. We would  be happy to help you. Our teacher’s day messages has been creatively drafted by our team of writer in the hope that we help you in someway to make your and your teacher’s teacher’s day memorable.

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