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Looking birthday wishes for sister? End your search at because we create the finest collection for you.

The sisters are not just siblings, they are more than that. For the role they play in life, they deserve extra love. So, what is the best way to express love to one of the most important person of our life. Wish them in the best possible way on their special days, make them feel loved by adding surprises, and so on.

Now, when it comes to celebrating birthdays, the best way to do this is be the first one to wish her. To help you in this, we have prepared a list of birthday wishes for sister where you will get fresh messages every time. We have messages in different categories like inspirational birthday messages for sister, funny birthday wishes for elder sister, birthday messages for younger sister,  emotional birthday wishes for sister, beautiful birthday wishes for sister. Send heartfelt messages to your sister on her birthday and make her feel extraordinary. No need to thank us.

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Sister

  1. Dear sister, lots of wishes for your birthday. I wish all your dream come true and you find a perfect balance in your life. Love you.
  2. Happy Birthday to my sweet sister. You are a fighter, and fighters never quit the game.
  3. Dearest sister, you are most positive person. I think, you are born for a greater purpose. Happy Birthday, my sweet sis.
  4. Many-many happy returns of the day my sweet sister. May your sweet and caring attitude grow with your age and reward you in life.
  5. Happy birthday sister. You are my source of inspiration and an obsession. Dying to meet you soon.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

  1. Happy birthday sis, you are cute, sweet, adorable, charming, chic and hot. No need to say thanks for making you soo good. The sisters are for this after all.
  2. Hey sister, happy birthday. Have a rewarding and fun filled day.  Just a surprise, I have taken money from Dad to shop for you, and don’t worry, will manage everything.
  3. You know why I desperately wait for your birthday? I love opening your gifts for you and owning those that I love. Love you sis, have a happy birthday.
  4. This year, I have made an amazing arrangement for your birthday. I have invited all your friends in the party and have requested them not to bring any gift for you. Hope you liked the idea.
  5. I have a big question to ask, is your birthday really going to be happy, when I am around. Well, I don’t think so. Happy Birthday dearest sister.

Birthday Messages for Younger Sister 

  1. Happy birthday fatso, I wish you lots of happiness and less fat on this very special day. I have ordered a pancake to protect you.
  2. Happy birthday to my sweet little sister. You are the angel of my life, my best friends, my partner in crime and my love.
  3. You are more than a sister and no less than a friend. Happy Birthday dear, live a long life.
  4. Happy Birthday dear sister. Wish you have a wonderful day and an amazing year that gives you many rewards.
  5. You mean a lot to me. You are a sister for always and a friend forever.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

  1. Happy Birthday dear sister. Wish you have a great day.  Just like you last birthday, I went to buy a birthday dress for you, for couldn’t get anything of your size, except the lower and Tshirt. So, brought the same for you.
  2. Many-many happy birthday my sweet, chubby, little elephant. Just to inform you prior, we have brought one cake and it’s for everyone.
  3. On your birthday we have not placed candles as we don’t wanna taste your spit. And yes, it is a truth.
  4. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.  Congrats, you are getting smarter but never forget, I am your teacher. Lol
  5. Wish you lots of happiness on your birthday, 5az my sweet sister. On your birthday, I wish all your dreams come true, except the one ——–  ‘you want to become as me’.

 Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister

  1. We fight, we argue, we disagree, we compete. But deep inside, we love each other and without each other, we can’t live. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  2. We are like two sides of a coin, without each other, we are incomplete. Happy Birthday sweetheart, wish you long and happy life.
  3. Together we have seen lots of ups and downs of life but our love kept us unite. On your birthday, I promise, I will never leave you alone, no matter what. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart.
  4. Get me a beer, get me some rum, get some soda and chunks, it’s my sister’s birthday, and we want to be drunk. Happy Birthday.
  5. Happy Birthday my sweet little sister, you are the youngest one and very close to our heart.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Sister

  1. Happy birthday dear sister. Keep chasing your dreams, we are there to support you in all means.
  2. The birthdays are those that are celebrated with family, and we are lucky that this year you are with us. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. We will try to make it memorable.
  3. May the best come your way and give you all happiness that has been at the bay. Happy-happy and happiest birthday to my sweet sister.
  4. Happy Birthday, sister. You are most understanding friend I have. I love you a lot.
  5.  Lots and lots of wishes to you my dear friend. May you get everything you desire for, except my wardrobe.

Hope our collection has helped you in getting befitting birthday wishes for sister. We are endeavoring to improve us, and your suggestion will help. Do let us know your feedback in the comment box.

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