Best Birthday Quotes Just For You

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Birthdays are special either it’s the first, fifth, fifteenth or fiftieth. So, no doubt it deserves unique celebration, and celebration is incomplete without wishes. In order to help you wishing your near and dear one on their birthday with some special wishes, here we have present an awesome collection of Happy birthday quotes. We have drafted these quotes considering all the emotions and excitements associated with birthdays.

Best Happy Birthday Quotes

Birthdays are always special but your birthday is the most special as you hold a special place in my heart. Love you sweetheart. Happy Birthday.

Either it’s your first or fiftieth birthday, it will always be the most special one. Lots of love to my lovely daughter.

May you be in your best mood on your birthdays always. Lots of love to my darling daughter, happy birthday.

From a guardian to a best friend. Our journey has been incredible. Lots of love to you dad. Happy Birthday.

When you are not around, I feel like alone in this Universe. You make me so-so complete. Lots of love to you dear mom on your birthday.

I wanna hug you tight, kiss you hard, make you laugh like never before. Happy birthday to you dear bro.

Like a nightingale, you keep on singing, I love to hear your melodious voice. Dear sister, without life seems so boring. Happy birthday to you.

We are the best friend and the best chef for cupcakes. Lots of love to my best friend on her birthday.

Happy birthday dear Dad, can we go for a long drive, I wanna spend with you some quality time.

 Shopping, cooking, reading, dancing, makeup, breakup, I enjoy almost everything with you dear Mom. Lots of love for your birthday.

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Inspirational Quotes For Birthday

Age is just the number. You will never get old till I am there. Happy Birthday mom.

Dear mom, tell me from where do you get this much of energy that in 50s you work as a teen. Love you mom, happy birthday. May you always be in your sweet sixteen.

Forget the past, focus on the present and don’t be serious for the future. Follow this funda to live happily forever. Happy birthday.

Open your wings and fly, don’t think about people and feel shy. You can do anything I know, and now don’t ask why. Happy Birthday, cutie-pie.

I am wishing you happy year, not happy birthday day. Have a fun filled and cheerful year.

On your birthday, you give a fresh start to the year. It is good to begin this start with a cheer. Happy birthday dear.

May you have a birthday celebration full of laughter, smiles and fun. I think you can give yourself the best company. Happy birthday dear.

Don’t count on memories, live the present and keep your focus on the future. Happy birthday to you, lots of love to you dear.

Birthdays come and go, its the memories that stay for years. Create the best memories every birthday, understood dear.

 It’s awesome to celebrate birthday with you, you won’t understand my feeling. So, all I wanna say happy birthday to you.

Birthday Quotes

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes

No matter how old are you and which birthday you are celebrating, you will always be as cute as you were in your teens. Happy birthday mom.

I feel blessed to be called as your friend. You are shy and innocent and that’s why for each other we are the best compliment. Happy birthday, friend.

To my best friend, I am sending bag full of chocolates because I know you love it more than anything else. Happy Birthday dear friend.

Although you have started using anti wrinkle creams but trust me, you don’t need that. You still look young and beautiful. Happy birthday.

You look cute while sleeping, right from your childhood and I love staring your cute face every night, even now. May you grow cuter than ever before. Love you son, Happy birthday.

I never thought my daughter would turn so beautiful after growing up. Mom loves you a lot dear, happy birthday.

Holding your hands, I have learned many things. Now, it’s my turn to hold your hand so that you can walk properly. Love you mom, happy birthday.

When you are around the world looks so big, when you are not around, it looks very small. Love you Dad, thanks for making me so big and understanding. Happy birthday to you.

You are the cutest dad one can ever have. Have great time dad, and always remember your daughter loves you more than your wife. Happy Birthday.

For your one smile, I can do anything. The mom’s love is like that only, what to do. Love you son, happy birthday to you.

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