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by Swati Singh

A lovely relationship demands affection and attention from both partners. One of the simplest ways of doing this is ushering love-filled words to your partner. We have crafted love messages for her Love Quotes collection so that you add words of affirmation in your love expression. You would be amazed to see how well-crafted messages have impacted your relationship. 

Love messages do wonders in a relationship, however, drafting an impeccable one is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, instead of writing in a lame, take the help of professionals, you can use these love quotes as Whatsapp status, Facebook post or post of any other social media. 

Love Messages For Her     

I love you! Not because ur beautiful, there are many more than you, not because you are educated, there are many more educated than you. I love you because I feel you are made just for me. 

There is a strange relationship between heart and destiny. The heart loves one who is not in the destiny. But in my case, it’s not true. I have found my destiny in the form of you!

My heart starts beating fast when my eyes get a look of your pretty face. Love you, My Sweetheart!

When I say, I can’t live without your touch, I’m not joking, I’m serious!

I love catching your eyes getting my glimpse, your surprises that cheer me, your hug that motivates me, your talks that entertains me. I love everything about you. Love you, my sweetheart! 

Either it’s a girl or a boy, everyone loves to receive love messages from their partner. Sending love messages or love quotes is not only romantic but also rewarding. So, why wait! Refer our love messages for him collection and start sending love quotes to your partner. 

Love Messages To Him
Love Messages To Him

Love Messages To Him

I just wanted to say that I love you, and your presence enhances my adrenaline.

You are the reason for my living, a cause that I can fight for, hope to see the new day every day. You are the one I love the most in my life!

If something I could change in our life is separation. Things turned bad and we separated but those things have worsened after this. Will love you, always!

I promise, like the Sun I will never let darkness spread around you like water will keep you calm and subtle, like the wind you will blow freely all your life. I love you, my sweetheart.

Your heart lives in me, and mine in you. So it’s our responsibility that we take good care of each other. I love you!

Love Messages In Hindi
Love Messages In Hindi

Love Messages In Hindi

Khuda chahe na chahe mujhe, parwah nahin. Jo tum ho tu haar gam kaam hai aur jo tum ho tu har lamha khushi hai. I love you!

Badlon mai gum the tum kahin, boondo sang jameen par aa gayin. Tumhari aankhein dekh kar samajh aata hai, tum aakash se dharti par kyun aa gayin. 

Tumhara muskuarana bhi ajab hai, jab tum haste ho lagta hai barish ho rahi hai. 

Jo jante hain mujhe kareeb se wo tumhe bhi bakhubhi pahchante hain. Kyunki tumhari aur meri pahchan aab hamari ho gayi hai. 

If you need some word of inspiration to write some perfect love messages for girlfriend, explore our love messages or love quotes collection. 


Love Messages For Girlfriend
Love Messages For Girlfriend

Love Messages For Girlfriend

You are sweet as honey, pure as dew, cute as teddy, desiring as money! So remember your boyfriend loves you a lot.

You are the one who entered my life and took away my heart. A kind of thief whom I love a lot.

Though you have stolen my heart, I’m not lodging any complaint. Instead, I need something in return, and that is, say that you too love me a lot. 

I call you the queen of my heart because I’m a king all because of you. I Love You!

Only one person knows that I love a girl. Do you wanna know who is that person? ……….It’s you! 

Present-day lovers are more expressive than old school ones. They don’t hesitate to share words of affirmation on social media platform as well. If you also wanna do so, find some eloquently written love quotes and love messages for Whatsapp status, Facebook, Instagram or other platforms in our collection.

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