Engagement Anniversary Status For WhatsApp

by Swati Singh

Anniversary is indeed a special day in a couple’s life and it deserves a grand celebration. And for the present generation, the celebration starts from social media and ends on social media. And thus, people look for Engagement Anniversary Status For WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In order to, make this moment of celebration glorious for couples, we have created a collection that would help them with a good post to share. 

So, if you are wondering how do I write Engagement anniversary status, relax. Refer to our collection, pick one and share. If you want your message to be indigenous, then take inspiration. 

Engagement Anniversary Status For WhatsApp

A year has passed, but nothing changed in our relationship, you were my beautiful and you are. I promise that nothing will change ever. Happy engagement anniversary love.

The vow we took together on our engagement day is still fresh. Love you my sweetheart and happy engagement anniversary.

You are the source of happiness in my life. Dying to tie the knots. Happy engagement anniversary.

Things will be wonderful as long as you and I are together. And time has proven this. Love you and Happy engagement anniversary.

A happy moment becomes happiest with you. Your presence in my life is as important as oxygen in our body. Happy engagement anniversary to you love, just waiting for the day to tie knots.

Putting WhatsApp status has now become one of the ways to wish a friend and loved one their special day. On your anniversary, you also do the same and give your love a surprise. Our Anniversary Status for WhatsApp collection is for the same. Use it the way you want to spread cheer and make the moment memorable. 

Anniversary Quotes For WhatsApp

We are truly a wonderful pair. Happy Anniversary My Love!

How wonderful that today we are celebrating our engagement anniversary and very soon we will be a married couple. I can’t believe we did this. Love you my sweetheart, happy anniversary!

One year passed like an hour, and now the day has come to celebrate the anniversary. It’s a feeling that can’t be explained. Love you, my sweetheart!

When you stand by my side, I feel like I’m the happiest person on the planet. Thanks for showering so much love. Happy engagement anniversary, love.

A great engagement anniversary to the beautiful couple. Together you both complement each other.

The words of appreciation and love make any relationship stronger and beautiful. On your anniversary, do read or write a few lines for your husband. Our Anniversary status for husband aims the same.

Anniversary Status For Husband

The exchange of rings, dancing on the tune, you whisper in my ear, everything is fresh in my memory even after a year. To you my loving hubby, happy anniversary!

Holding your hand I wanna cross the sea, touch the sky, jump in water and kiss butterflies. It’s the first anniversary of our engagement, and life looks incredible. Love you, my sweetheart!

Pure is your love, purest is mine, happy is you and happiest I’m. Together we are the best, and perfect I’m. Happy engagement anniversary to you my sweetheart!

No one else would understand our relationship the way we do. On our first anniversary, all I wanna say is I Love You. 

Thanks for accepting me with all my flaws and celebrating my qualities. I promise, I too will take care of your personality the same you have. Thanks for loving me so much, Happy engagement anniversary!

Marriage Anniversary WhatsApp Status For Wife.

Indeed anniversary is a special that deserves celebration, but trust me every second I have spent with you is a memorable moment. Love you, and happy anniversary sweetheart!

This is a cycle and thus the date will come every year, but for me, the moment we had celebrated will never come again. Instead of celebrating past events, let’s celebrate every second and create new ones. Happy Anniversary to you Love!

You have made my life contend, a year has passed and your Yes is still in my conscious fresh. Lots of love to my darling wife.

Living a day without you is difficult, tell me how you have become so magical. I wanna see you next to me all the time because together we make our relationship pristine. Love you and happy anniversary to you!

I have not fallen in your love, instead, it has lifted me to the next level. Thanks for all your support and love, happy anniversary my sweetheart!

Looking for Engagement anniversary status quotes or wanna know what to write in status, do check our collection that you will find nowhere. 

Wedding Anniversary Status

A bunch of lilies to my beautiful rose who is more beautiful than everything else in the world. Happy anniversary to you my sweetheart!

We are two souls wrapped together to become one. And trust me we are the best. Happy marriage anniversary, my love.

I feel lucky to be a part of your life and I want you to feel the same. Lots of love to you my sweetheart, my girlfriend. 

I promise to be on your side in all thick and thin. I love you my sweetheart more than anything. 

It’s the day when we vowed to live together, you share love and sorrow, to walk on the same path to support each other. It’s wonderful that we have kept our promise so far, happy anniversary!

Engagement and anniversary is a joyful moment for both bride and groom. The journey going forward should also have the same gusto. To keep the warmth and love in your relationship alive, keep appreciating each other’s efforts every while. You can take the help of our Engagement Anniversary Status For WhatsApp messages for the same. And please write us for personalized wishes and quotes.

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