World Teachers Day Quotes

by Swati Singh

World Teachers Day Quotes: A teacher plays significant role in an individual’s life. Each child is bloom by a teacher, and without them a child can never grow into a good person. Therefore, it is said, a good teacher can turn a piece of charcoal into a shinny diamond and vice versa.

A teacher is not the only one who teaches in school. Instead, everyone who engage themselves in sharing of knowledge is a teacher, whose education transforms life is a teacher. To recognize the efforts of teachers, United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1994 announced 5th of October as World teacher’s day. On this day, teacher all over the world are recognized by schools, different governing bodies and children and their parents for their exceptional contribution in the society. also salute the great work of teachers and forward its wishes to teachers worldwide.

In addition to that, we are also providing the best world teachers day Quotes and Wishes, so, if you wish to greet your teacher or parents wants to greet their children’s teachers, pick a wish from here and send.

World Teachers Day Quotes

Dear mom, you are my best teacher. Love you!

Happy teacher’s day Dear Ms. ————-. Thank you for helping me in learning and understanding everything I know.

Had you not been my teacher, I would be a like ship in sea, straying in all directions. Thanks for supporting me.  Happy Teacher’s Day!

Happy teacher’s day to you Miss…………. You have been so kind, patient and supportive with me, and it’s all because of your efforts I have come this long. Lots of love.

Happy teacher’s day to my dearest teacher. Your every action has motivated me to become a teacher.

The teacher is the professional who know about all professions and teaches experts of every profession, that’s why I have a huge respect for teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day!

You might be the prettiest teachers on the planet. Happy Teacher’s Day my sweet sister!

Being taught by the a good teacher is a matter of privilege. And I am fortunate to have got this opportunity. Happy Teacher’s Day to the world’s best teacher, according to me.

No subject is easy or tough. A teacher makes it the way child perceive it. Happy Teacher’s Day to all lovely teachers.

Many-many wishes to all lovely teachers who are contributing so much for the betterment of society. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Happy World Teachers Day Messages

A teacher is the one who illuminates the soul of a child and show him the bright world. Happy Teacher’s day to you dear Miss…………..

I can’t be what I am today, if you were not my teacher. With lots of love and respect, happy Teacher’s Day to you Mr……

You are the one who made me realize my worth, otherwise in my opinion, I was a boy having no talent. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Dear teacher, lots of wishes to you on this special day. This is your day, and I wish, you have a great time. Happy Teacher’s Day!

 Dear teacher, you planted a seed long back that has become a big tree now. I have not forgotten your any lesson. Thank you for everything. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Many times it happens that teachers transform a child so much that their parents feel proud on them. If you are also such a fortunate parent whose child has got an exemplary teacher and you wanna wish your child’s teacher, then our happy teachers day quotes/messages from parents is for you. 

Happy World Teachers Day Wishes
World Teacher’s Day Wishes

Happy Teachers Day Messages From Parents

You gave birth to my Son but you are his actual parent. You have made him what he is today. On the occasion of teacher’s day, I wanna wish you happy teacher’s day!

Every child is different, only a good teacher understand practise his profession to bring the best from every child based on his talent. Thanks for shaping my son so wonderful. Happy Teacher’s Day!

You own me, because what you have done for my daughter is incredible. No one does this. Wish you Happy teacher’s day.

Teacher’s are like God, they are the one who actually shapes a child’s future. You are one of them, Happy Teacher’s Day!

Like a guiding star, you showed the correct path to my daughter. It’s because of your efforts and blessings, she is doing soo good in life. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Funny Teacher’s Day Messages

Happy Teacher’s Day to you, dear Ms……….. Thanks for bearing a student like me. I hope, you are feeling relaxed after I finished my school.

Dear teacher, I am sending my Son in your school. I want you to treat him the same way treated me, so that he could understand what I went through. Lots of love, dear teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.

Imagine you are so good that, I haven’t got a teacher like you yet. Were you really so good? Sometimes I wonder. Happy teacher’s day!

Dear teacher, you teaching was so incredible that I am looking for a teacher like you for my son as well. Happy teacher’s day!

A good teacher ignites hope, desires, positivity. A teacher like you, make students face the world and its reality. Thanks for being so strict. Happy teacher’s day to you.

Teacher’s Day Wishes To Mom

In school, I have learned a lot of things related to subjects but how to use it in life is the skill you have taught me. Happy Teacher’s day mom.

Dear Mom, you are the best teacher I could have ever gotten. On the occasion of world’s teacher’s day, how could I forget to wish you. Happy Teacher’s Day Mom.

You are the one who has taught me how to speak, talk to people. So, before anyone, you are the most eligible person for this wish “Happy Teacher’s Day” dearest mom.

Hey mom, you are most inspiring and caring teacher. Love you lot, and I am fortunate to be the son of a mother who is a teacher by profession. Happy teacher’s day to you!.

When my teacher calls me smart and intelligent, I feel proud on you. Because you are the one who have made me this. Happy teacher’s day Mom!

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The objective of world teacher’s day is to recognize the efforts of a teacher in a student’s life. But a teacher feels more valued when he/she receives positive words from their students or when they see their students doing good in school. So, on the occasion of teacher’s day, don’t forget to wish your teacher “ Happy World Teacher’s Day” or simply “Happy teacher’s.  To help you in the same, we have prepared an awesome collection of world teachers day Quotes, Messages for you.

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