How To Celebrate Birthday During Quarantine

by Swati Singh

The restaurants are close, your favorite hangout spot is no more accessible, gathering not allowed (and even not safe), no night outs, no pubs, partying, movie, anything. In such a terrible if your birthday is coming or some of your love one birthday is nearing, what will you do to make it happening? Here are 10 classic idea How to celebrate birthday during quarantine without going outside in lockdown.

Ideas To Celebrate Birthday

1. A Picnic Birthday Celebration

Lockdown has changed many things around, and it has also introduced us to the old time, when we used to be happy in less.  Celebrating birthday in parks or arranging picnic was common in those days. Opt this way to celebrate and trust me, you will enjoy it more than your usual birthday celebration.

Prepare snacks at home, bake the cake, go for a picnic with family members. You can also enjoy some fun games there.

2. A  Theme Birthday Celebration

Home quarantine has made our life boring isn’t it? But we can make it interesting by adding some colours in it. A theme party is a way to do so. Although, we can’t go outside but we can create the feeling. Try the themes like beach party,  hollywood and bollywood party theme, any colour theme, black and white theme, etc. Ask your family members, flatmates, neighbor or the people you are with in this period to join you in the party.

3. Create DJ Floor At Home For the Party

You can’t go to pub for party but you can make pub at home. For that, all you need is a good music system, uninterrupted internet connection and colourful ights.Shift your furniture to create extra space, and the floor is ready to dance. Invite your neighbours as well in the celebration, so that they don’t  create any issues. Keep some snacks and drinks for munching during the fun.

An important point to note here is ask everyone to help in this work. Use disposables to avoid cleaning utensils.

4. Arrange A Virtual Party

If you are all alone and don’t have anyone to join you in the party, then virtual partying is also a great idea. Arrange a meeting on Zoom or Google Voice, ask your friends to join. Bake the cake at home, decorate it the way you want and cut it when everyone is there. This is a great quarantine birthday celebration idea for those who love privacy.

5. Spend Some Time With Yourself

The corona period has given us lots of time to spend with our loved ones and with ourself. If you were looking for this opportunity, this is your time. Bake your cake, decorate it the way you want, order your favorite food from your choice of restaurant, enjoy the meal. This time you are going to spend only on yourself for the wonderful treat. Isn’t that amazing birthday celebration.

To add a little fun in the celebration, ask all your friends to join you online at one time to wish you.

6. Pamper Yourself At Home

Home is the place where we feel most relaxed. Take the opportunity to celebrate birthday in Quarantine at home pampering yourself. Even if you are working from home, take off to spend the day relaxing over your couch.

Call the salon professionals at home. It is safe to call them because they take all precautions. Get all the services you want and feel pampered.

7. Do The Pizza Party

Who wants to cook on birthday. If you have been cooking since the lockdown beginning, take a break! Pizza party is a nice idea to celebrate birthday at home with pizza lover friends. It is safe to have pizza as it served hot.

8. Get Glam In Virtual Party

Call your friends for the virtual party and ask everyone to take a glamorous look. Try a trendy outfit  and show you glamorous side to everyone. At least this will be a new fun on your birthday. Don’t hesitate, try this way of celebrating quarantine birthday.


9. Get Your Photo Session Done At Home

If you love this, then do it on your birthday  as much as you want. Call your good friend or take the help of your family member, get your photos clicked by them as much as you want. This is truly going to be a fantastic  experience.

10. Distribute Food Among Needy

This time is a struggling time for many, everyone is not fortunate to celebrate their birthday. There are people outside who are looking for help. For a change don’t celebrate your birthday the way you do it every year. As a change, distribute food and other stuff among people who are looking for help. You will receive blessings of these souls which will give you true happiness someday. Hope you like our quarantine birthday celebration idea. So, try any of the above or a couple of the above and let us know your experience. In between happy birthday from the team

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