Friendship Day Wishes Quotes For Best Friend

by Swati Singh

If you don’t want to send those old lines to your friend this friendship day then check our garden fresh message collection written for 2021 friendship day. We have messages for different categories such as friendship day wishes for best friend, funny friendship day wishes, friendship day wishes for childhood friends and many more. We how important this day is for people who value friendship and have friends in their life. This fresh collection will surely not disappoint you.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes

You are the friend I never ever wanna lose. Happy friendship day my sweet goose.

Wanna hug you tight and wish you, happy friendship day my dearest and nearest friend. Love you.

I am so fortunate to have you as my friend and hope you think the same way for me as well. Happy friendship day my sweetheart.

My biggest asset of life is you dear. Can live without anything but not without you. Happy friendship day.

You are just like an habit, which I love. Happy friendship day, my sweet friend.

I wish, you have a long and lovely life. Our friendship never sees dark days, it outshines and remain bright. Happy friendship day.

Wishing you a happy friendship day, dear,  along with a happy and healthy year.

Our friendship is an impeccable example for many and I want it to be like that forever. Happy friendship day.

Happy friendship day with lots of love and good wishes to my best friend, who is more like my brother.

We meet rarely but we understand each other perfectly, what else is a good friendship. Happy friendship day dear. Fun is the part of friendship, in-fact friendship is all about the fun. So, when it comes to wishing your friend happy friendship day how could you miss this fun.  Taking the same thing in account, we have prepared funny friendship day message for you so

Funny Friendship Day Quotes

Your best friend will never wish you friendship day, and your girlfriend will never forget to wish you the day. Bitter but truth.

If I can’t fart infront of a friend, he is not my best friend. I can do it with you, so you are my best friend. Happy friendship day.

Even if I want to replace you, I can’t. Because, there is no one like you my dear. Happy friendship day.  

A good friend is the one who laugh at you when alone, and support you when in a group. I am lucky we both have one such friend. Happy friendship day. Life is good with friends and worst with lots of friends. Happy friendship day to all of you, and I love you all that laughter remains in that moment as well.

Friendship Day Wishes To Husband

When husband and wife become friends, they turn as perfect companion. Thanks for being my best friend, hubby. Happy friendship day.

You are the kind of friend I always wanted to have. Love you lot, hubby, and Happy friendship day.

I love you more as a friend than as a husband. Because, at first, you are my friend and then my husband. Happy friendship day.

Just like a friend you have supported me in every walk of my life. Love you hubby and happy friendship day.

Happy friendship day sweetheart. May you have an awesome day.

Friendship Day Wishes Quotes

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship among many because it comes with no terms and conditions. Happy friendship day

You must be having thousands of friends on social media. But when you feel alone, you can count only on physical friends. Make few friends but good ones.

Make new friends but never forget the old ones. But old is gold, whose shine stay for ever.

True friends send good wishes to their friends every day, every minute and second. They don’t wait for a special day. Happy friendship day.

Life is best lived with friends. Happy friendship day.

Belated Friendship Day Wishes

Although it is not an obligation to send Happy friendship day wish to a friend on the day. But if there is day dedicated for celebration, why not do this. However, I’m sorry I forget to wish you. Belated happy friendship day.

Was busy sending Happy friendship day message to friends all day. Now, it’s time to greet the best one. Belated Happy friendship day, I know you don’t need it, it is just for the sake. Love you dear.

True friends don’t wish by sending messages, they wish by heart. Happy friendship day, sweetheart.

Sorry for being late. Happy friendship day, you know how much I love you.

You are so close to my heart that I never want to get a part. Belated Happy friendship day sweetheart. Sorry for wishing you late.

Friendship day will be called incomplete if you do not send wishes to your friend. To help you, we have brought the friendship day wishes for best friend collection.

Advance Friendship Day Messages

I might not get time on Sunday, so wishing you Happy friendship day in advance. It is better to wish you in advance, then being late.

Wishing you happy friendship day in advance, you know how good i’m at memorizing dates.

Before the internet speed go slow, you get busy, I get occupied, I am sending you bundles of good wishes on the friendship day. Happy friendship day, my dearest friend in advance.

The time we had spent during our college was the greatest. I will miss it all through my life. Happy friendship day in advance dear.

We are like the two sides of a coin. Inseparable yet can’t be together.  Missing old days. Happy friendship day in advance.

Friendship Day Wishes To Sister And Brother

You must be surprised to receive this message from me. But dear sister, I tell you, you are my best friend. Happy friendship day.

A friend is one with whom we can share your true feelings. Fortunately, its you with whom I do this. Happy friendship day dear sister.

It’s true that you are not my best friend. But it is also a truth that you are my good friend and more than a sister. Happy friendship day.

Before a sister, you are my friend. So wishing you happy friendship day.

Lots of wishes to my cute, lovely, sweet, beautiful sister who is also my best friend.

Friendship Day Wishes To Sister

Lots of wishes to you for the friendship day. Without you I am incomplete. You are my best friend ever.

Happy friendship day sweetheart, you are my best friend, and will remain so forever. Never stop loving me the way you do today.

Happy, happy and happy friendship day to you my dearest brother. With you, I never needed any friend and so don’t have any.

When two brothers become best friend, they form a deadly combination for people. Happy friendship day, dear.

Happy friendship day to you my sweet brother! You value in my life is a diamond.

Friendship Day Messages For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

Wishing you Happy friendship day my love. First you are my friend, then my girlfriend. Love you.

After meeting you, I never needed anyone else to talk to. You have made me so complete that I don’t need friends. You have become my best friend as well. Happy friendship day.

Happy friendship day to you, dear. You are the person who know me better than my parents. Love you sweetheart.

When a girl becomes friend she is called girlfriend. Happy friendship day, dear.

You are not just my love but my everything. And above all, you are my best friend. Happy friendship day to my bestie friend ever.

Friendship Day Quotes For Childhood Friends

There are so many memories I have shared with you, so many moments we have lived together. Those days will be the best time of my life forever. Happy friendship day.

Even if I make hundreds and thousands of friends, I will never have someone to replace you. You are so impeccable. Happy friendship day.

Happy friendship day to my childhood friend. It is all because of that my childhood is full of good memories. Love you sweetheart.

The friend like you make the childhood wonderful. Happy friendship day, my dearest friend. I miss your company even today.

In my garden of friendship you are the most beautiful flower. Happy friendship day, dear friend.

Friendship Day Messages For School Friends

I cherish the bond we share and would love to be your forever friend. Happy friendship day.

Just like a true friend, you entered in my life all of sudden and changed me completely. The best part, you brought lots of positive changes in me. Thanks for everything and Happy friendship day.

You are my best pal. A warming, sizzling and Happy friendship day to you!

We are good friends not because we wanted to be or it happened coincidentally. Two people become friends when they share same thought and actions. Happy friendship day.

A true friend is one who pique you to give your best. You are one of them. Happy friendship day, dear.

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