Happy Canada Day Messages And Quotes

by Swati Singh

Looking for Happy Canada day Messages for 2020. Show your feelings for Canada day to your friends by wishing them on the occasion. Find the awesome collection of Canada Day wishes here.

The Canada we know today was formed in the year 1867 on the 1st of July. On the day, three colonies were merged to make a country name Canada, therefore, the people of Canada celebrates the day as the birthday of Canada. Parties, family dinner, outing is common on the day. Other than that, people love to greet and receive wishes from friends and relatives on the day. Surely, 2020 Canada day will be different and it will be more like wishing people through messages.

If you know someone living in Canada and want to wish the person, here is a small help from our side. We have prepared a collection of messages that you can refer to send Canada day wishes to your love ones.

Happy Canada Day Messages

It is the time to celebrate, have fun, dance like never before. It’s 2020 Canada Day, let’s make some noise all around.

Friends from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and others lets join in Canada day fun celebration.

Happy Canada Day to my lovely friends whom I can’t meet this year but can greet a happy year. Love you all.

May you have a bouquet of lunches, party, fun and dances. Happy Canada day to all of you, my Canadian friends.

Happy Canada Day to all my friends who are Canadians by heart, body and soul. May you have a great time.

1st July comes once in a year, let’s celebrate the day holding heads high and heart out of fear. Happy Canada Day to all my lovely friends.

Barbeque in the backyard, drinks in the bar, everything is waiting to say cheers to all my friends on the Canada day.

Hey Canada, this is the time to engage in parties and celebration. Today is the birthday of our lovely Canada. Happy Canada day.

1st July is the day when Canada born, and now it is 146 years old. Happy Birthday to you Canada, wish you prosper a lot.

Days, years, decades, I wish my Canada grow-grow and just grow. Happy Canada Day to all my love ones.

Happy Canada Day Wishes

Happy Canada Day Wishes
Happy Canada Day Wishes

Many-many happy returns of Canada Day. May my lovely Canada prosper every single night and day.

Let’s celebrate 2020 Canada day in a different manner. Let’s not meet, stay at home and pray for everyone’s safety.

On the occasion of Canada Day, I wish all my Canadian friends live healthy and be happy. Happy Canada day.

Smiles on face, heads held high, thanks Canada for giving us this moment of pride. We are lucky we are Canadian.

Be proud to be a Canadian because no one is like us. We are one of the happiest people in the world. Lots of love to Canada.

Happy-happy and happy Canada day to all my friends who are Canadian by heart, soul and the body. Proud of you.

I am a proud Canadian and I want all Canadian to say ‘Be happy and healthy Canada’ we love you.

This is our day, let’s celebrate and make it special. Love you Canada and we are proud of you.

Happy 153rd birthday to you Canada. May you grow and become big like never before.

Lots of wishes and greetings to every soul of Canada who think about its growth and prosperity.

If your family and friends are living in Canada and you want to wish them, check our Happy Canada day Messages collection send to your friends and family. We have prepared our collection with dedication and hard work to bring something of your interest for you.

Canada Day Wishes for Friends & Family

Happy Canada Day Messages
Happy Canada Day Messages

I am missing the barbeque of Canada day, wishing you all a fun-filled Canada day.

Nothing can stop me from celebrating Canada day, except my own accountability for my nation. I will celebrate 2020 Canada day in isolation.

Let the spirit of Canada day don’t go down in 2020, have fun with family and spend quality time.

I am missing mom, dad, sister, brothers and siblings. Though I couldn’t make this year but will surely join the barbeque next year. Happy Canada day.

The best time of the year for Canadian is the Canada day. Happy Canada to you dear mom and dad. I know how much you love Canada.

The spirit of Canada day is spread all around the world. Let’s rock the day and make it memorable.

Hey mom and dad, you have taught me what the true patriotism is. I love my country and will always be there to protect it. Happy Canada day.

Happy Canada day to all my friends, family, brother and sister. May you have a great time.

I love you Canada and I always want to make you proud by my actions. Happy Canada Day, dear mom and Dad.

 The terrains, the hills, the mountains, the ocean, we love everything about you Canada. Happy Canada day dear mom and dad.

Here are the Canada day post for social media platform. You can share it directly or take it as an inspiration.

Canada Day Messages for Social Media

Canada day is around, let’s come together to celebrate the day with fun and enthusiasm. Happy Canada day.

Have an awesome day and a great celebration with friends and family but don’t forget to take all precautions. Happy Canada Day.

I wish I could visit all my friend’s house to greet them and get a treat from them. But because it is not possible, I am wishing all of you happy Canada Day.

Canada is the place where my soul resides. All my life and love to Canada, you grow and be bright.

To all my Canadian friends, may you have a great time in Canada. Wishing you all happy Canada Day. Love you all.

I am moving but moving only in my house. Happy Canada Day.

With lots of Love to all my Canadian friends, I want to say, you all are like my family, and just like a family, be united. Happy Canada day.

Happy Canada Day to my dear and near ones, celebrate the day in a best possible manner keeping all your responsibilities in mind.

We have made our Canada so great. Let’s not divide in caste, gender, religion and race

Breaking down the barriers we became one. It is our responsibility to let this asset carry on. Happy Canada day.

Canada Day Wishes Canadian Friends

I know how much you would be happy for the Canada day. I can’t be the part of celebration this year, so sending lots of wishes to and your family.

Many-many greetings for the awesome Canada day. My friend, may your country grow and you live happily there. For you, this is my pray.

I wish you have the best life in Canada and your country grow and prosper like never before. Happy Canada day.

Wishing you happy Canada day my lovely sweetheart. Have a great celebration and don’t forget to send me pic of the same.

2020 Canada day, I wanted to celebrate with you guys, but nevermind, will do it next time. Stay safe and happy.

Canada day is calling all its lover from coast to coast, come and cherish my beauty. Love you Canada, love you Canadians.

Happy Canada day to all of you, may you have a fun time with family. Friends will meet and greet you later.

Lots of wishes to you from your friend sitting thousands of miles far from you but missing the awesome celebration of Canada day every moment.

You are lucky living in the beautiful terrain of Canada, may you have a healthy and happy life all through the year. Happy Canada day to you, dear.

 Happy Canada day my love, reasons have made us apart but Canada and her beautiful daughter lives in my heart. Happy Canada day to you.

Canada Day Quotes

Happy Canada Day Quotes
Happy Canada Day Quotes

Till we are alive, we will not let the pride and possessions of Canada die. Happy Canada Day.

Happy birthday to you Canada, may remain the home of tolerance, justice and equality.

Canada is like a sparkling pendant world necklace.

I am proud of Canada and its pride is in my heart and soul. Love you Canada for everything you have and don’t have.

The rich culture of Canada is inspiring not just for me but for everyone around the world. Love you Canada.

The 2020 Canada day will be different for Canadians just like people all around the world. But the spirit of celebration should not go down. Our small contribution to the society can pique the enthusiasm and begin the fun. So, instead of not celebrating the day, let’s celebrate it in a different way. You are at a distance from friends and relative but physically, you can share love by greeting everyone, calling your love ones, sending flower and chocolates and spreading happiness.

The 12020 Canada day will never return, so gear up your enthusiasm and start planning the celebration. In between we are helping you by providing some of the Happy Canada day Messages that you can share, check it to share. Hope you like our collection, if you have any suggestions please share it in the comment section.

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