Grandparents day wishes You Shouldn’t Give A Miss

by Swati Singh

Grandparents day wishes : Grandparents are like the blessings in grandchildren’s life. When they are around, children don’t need anyone/anything else. And fortunate are those who receive this unconditional, abundant love. If you are a lucky one and receiving the love of both or anyone of them, don’t leave the opportunity to do something for them. Wish them sending grandparents day wishes, gift them or try every possible thing to make their day as special as they are. Happy Grandparents Day to all grandparents from the team on the occasion.

Grandparents day wishes

My life seems blessings when I’m with you. Thanks for such a wonderful grandfather. Love you, Grandfather and happy grandparents day to you.

Together you and granny has never made me feel the absence of mom and dad even for a second. Love you a lot, granny and grandfather. Happy grandparents day to both you!

Just like an apple a day keeps doctor away. A hug of yours in the morning make my day. Lots of love to both of you. Happy grandparents day to you!

A lot of my friends are not as blessed as I’m. This is because I have my grandparents and they don’t. Love you both. Happy Grandparents Day!

When my friends ask me, howz living with grandparents feel like. I reply to them, ‘Neither I have seen heaven, nor I have been there. But it could not be more beautiful than my home.’ Happy grandparents day to both of you.

Dearest granny, you are the best grandmother in the world. You know what makes me happy and what I dislike so well that I feel like I am living with myself when I am with you. With lots of love, happy grandparents day to you granny.

Never be sad, always be happy. I am here to ensure the same. Happy grandparents day to you dearest granny!

You taught me to ride my bicycle,  you taught me the basic etiquettes. You are not just my grandparents but my mentor, guide and much more. Love you grandfather and grandmother, and wish you happy grandparents day!

Dear grandparents you both are incredible and have taught me many things. Lots and lots of love to you, happy grandparents day!

No one else in the world is more important for me than you, even mom and dad. Love you a lot. Happy Grandparents Day to both of you!

Grandparents day messages

From the childhood you are supporting me, have been my escape house, my partner in crime and my secrets hider. Love you granny and grandfather, with lots of love, happy grandparents day!

When I will be old, I want to become like you. Love you my inspiration and my idea of motivation. Happy Grandparents Day to both my cutie pies.

Your wrinkled skin and experienced mind is a deadly combination. It protects me every time. Thanks for being with me all the time. I promise you, I will be with you no matter what. With lots of love, happy grandparents day to you my love.

No need to worry about anything, till I am here. And you know what, leaving you alone, I’m not going anywhere. Happy grandparents day to you!

On the grandparents day, I wish your day be as special as you are. Happy Grandparents day to you grannies.

If you want to write quotes on grandparents along with sending them grandparents day wishes, then here is the help for you.

Grandparents Day Quotes

Grandparents are a deadly combination of experienced mind and lovely heart. Those who stay under their shadow can never fail in life.

If you want your children should give you love and respect at the old age. Do the same with their grandparents first. They learn what they see.

When grandparents are there at home, children do not cry for toys to play. They have a big one with them.

Give a few minutes of your day to your grandparents, and God will shower blessings and love over you.

Instead of reading a book, sit with your grandparents. You will accumulate the same amount of knowledge.

Sweet Messages For Grandparents

I have picked a few blooms from the garden for you. This is to tell you how much I love you and care for you. Love you, grandfather and grandmother. Happy Grandparents day to you.

You both are like the Sun in my life, keeping my day bright always. Happy grandparents day!

On the grandparents day, I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of love you shower on me constantly and without wanting anything in return. Happy Grandparents Day to you, granny and grandpa!

You are not just my grandpa, you have become the grandpa of all my friends. Thanks for your abundant love and care. And from all of them, happy grandparents day to you.

Full of love and charm, you are the grandpa every wish wishes for. Happy grandparents day to you!

It is impossible to thank grandparents for the amount of love and blessings they shower on us. However, because the day has been meant for them, you can thank them taking help of our grandparents day wishes.

Thank You Message For Grandparents

Dearest Grandpa and Granny. Both of you are a perfect combination of parent, friend, teacher, mentor and an inspiration. Tell me why should I not feel lucky. Thanks for everything, happy grandparents day to you!

You are the source of learning for me. You have made my life incredibly great. I feel blessed that I receive the love of all four of you. Happy Grandparents Day!

You are my escape house right from my childhood. And now, I want to be your love house forever.  Love you granny and grandpa, happy grandparents day to both of you!

Thanks for listening to my boring and meaningless stories, thanks for bearing all my tantrums, thanks for not scolding even on big mistakes, thanks for making delicious food for me. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me till date. And say that, I will keep loving you always. Happy grandparents day to you!

Dear Granny, you are never alone, I am there for you always. Thanks for all the love, and now it is my turn to return this to you. Happy Grandparents day to you!

Message For Grandparents In Hindi

Mujhe yaad hai jab mai tumse milne aata tha, tum chupke se mere hathon mai wo candy rakhdiya karti thi. Dadi, tum bahut achi ho, happy grandparents day, dheer saare pyaar ke sath.

Tumne kabhi nahin kaha ki tumhe kuch chahiye. Lekin mai samajh gaya ki tumhe sirf mera sath chahiye. Mai app dono ke sewa mai hamesha uplapdh hoon. Happy grandparents day.

Tumhe nahin maloom ki Grandparents day kya hota, kyunki shayad tumhe iski kabhi jaroorat hi mahsoos nahin hui. Hamare liye har ek din grandparents day hi hai.

Bahut khoobsurat hota hai dada-dadi aur pote-poti ka rishta. Lekin sabke naseeb mai nahin hota hai isse jeena. Mai khuskismat hoon ki mujhe app dono ka pyaar aur ashirwad mil raha hai. Dheer saare pyar ke sath, happy grandparents day aap dono ko.

Dadi tumhare kadmo tale jannat hai, aur mai is jannat ko kabhi chood nahin sakta. Happy grandparents day to you.

On the occasion of grandparents day, do not forget to pep up them sending grandparents day wishes. Our collection is here to help you, so that you don’t waste time thinking what to write in the card. Send him lovely wishes and tell them how much you love.

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