WhatsApp Status DP 2021 Latest Collection Of WhatsApp Quates

by Swati Singh

The WhatsApp Status for DP is not just a normal text, it says a lot about feeling and what is going on in a person’s mind. If you are looking for WhatsApp Status that expresses the same feeling that you are into, check our collection. You can find here, sad WhatsApp Messages, love WhatsApp quotes For DP, funny WhatsApp status DP and WhatsApp Quates For Dp in Hindi. You can use it the way you want.

WhatsApp Status DP 2021

Oh Lord please bless all the souls who stop at my status and read it!

Nothing is certain in this universe except death. So, why fear!

Those who fear falling can’t live their life with gusto.

God is constantly showering his blessings but only those are able to receive it, who knows this truth.

The best way to live a happy and content life is to avoid negative people.

Are you feeling sad and looking for Whatsapp status DP expressing your mood. Get the best status from here. You can use these on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms as well.

Sad WhatsApp Status
Sad WhatsApp Status

Sad WhatsApp Status

Those who smile a lot hides much more pain in their heart than happiness. Beware of such people.

It is not difficult to find nice people if you are a nice person.

I cared for those who always took me for granted.

Sometimes it gets hard to smile, and today is the same day!

The more you will expect the more you will get hurt.

Love WhatsApp Status
Love WhatsApp Status

Love WhatsApp Status

I’m in love, and so I’m uncontrollable.

Love is a wonderful feeling, but only those people understand it who has loved someone more than themselves.

True love never hurts, instead, it acts as an ointment to treat past pains.

I like to remain happy in front of people who don’t understand me. But laugh a lot in front of people who love me.

Love is magical and one gets to know this only after falling in love.

Find the best and latest collection of Whatsapp Status DP in Hindi. We promise to bring unique content for you so that when you place it on your Whatsapp people start admiring you.

Love WhatsApp Status
Love WhatsApp Status

Messages in Hindi For Whatsapp

Pyar ek jado ki tarah hota hai jo do logon ko lagbhag ek jaisa bana deta hai.

Peeche mudkar kabhi maat dekhna, kyunki peecha aksar dushman hi karte hain.

Jo abhi na haarne ke vishwas ke sath jeete hain unki haar hona asambhav hai.

Kaun kahta hai ki aasman mai surag nahin hote, ek pathar tabiyat se uchal kart u dekho. Tumhare hausle mai itna daam hona chahiye ki manzil tumhare aage ghutne teke.

Kahne do jo loog kahte hai, kuch loog bas kahne ke liye hi duniya mai aaye hote hain.

Bring a smile to your Whatsapp friend’s face while they read your DP status . The funny Whatsapp Quotes is for you and it will bring a smile to readers face for sure.


Love Quotes
Love WhatsApp Status

Funny WhatsApp Quotes

Teaching grandparent iPhone features is just like arguing with the girls.

Happiness is the first and last thing I want in my life. Disturbing people, please stay away.

Dad said, do what you love to become successful. I Love Watching TV.

Oh God, please save me from two things rest I will manage, Girls and Exams.

Don’t call me cute, I know I am.

Just like our other collection, our WhatsApp status collection is also unique and feeling full. So what are you waiting for? Use these statuses every day to reveal your mood. Read Our 2021 Collection of WhatsApp Status DP.

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