Wedding Invitation Messages For WhatsApp

by Swati Singh

Wedding Invitation Messages For WhatsApp: Wedding is one of the most important occasions in a men or women life. It is like a milestone. And therefore, we want all our loved ones to be the part of this glorious moment. Sending invitation card is the way we invite people. What is written in the invitation card leaves an imprint how eagerly you want your guest to be the part of function.

If you want your wedding invitation messages leaves a Wow impression on your guests, it is perfect to get the expert’s help. Here are few examples how you can draft a heart-touching Wedding Invitation Messages For WhatsApp and wordings. Don’t forget to share our wording invitation messages and wordings idea with friends or relatives who are looking for the same if you like it.

Indian Wedding Invitation Messages For WhatsApp

Our wedding will be incomplete without your blessings. We will feel honored to have you as our guest. Please come to shower your blessings on the bride and groom.

The match has been made, the date has been fixed, the wait is now over for you to visit the wedding place.
Seeking your blessings with all heart!

With the immense grace of Jesus, my handsome Son is tying knot with our beautiful daughter-in-law. You are cordially invited to attend the wedding and bless the couple.

The pair made in heaven is ready to take vows on …….. We want you to be the part of the moment and bless them.

We want to share our happiness with you. Be the part of our Son’s wedding.

Wedding Invitation Messages For WhatsApp Example

Our son is getting married on …. Date….. time at …..venue. We are looking forward to have your participation.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Your presence will make this celebration gracious and pleasant. Looking forward to have you as our honorable guest.

The two loving souls are ready to take vows. Be the part of this grand celebration and bless them with love and affection.

With heart filled with love and affection, the … is inviting you in our daughter’s wedding function. Your presence will enhance its grace.

The matrimonial ceremony of my beloved daughter is taking place on —-date, time, venue. Your presence is highly appreciated.

Best Wedding Invitation SMS For Fiends

You are a friend I can always count on. Be at my side on the biggest day of my life. Date, Time and Venue.

Our love story would never be complete without you, and so our wedding. Be the part of celebration and also bless us.

Your presence will increase the joy of our wedding celebration. Please be the part!

With heart filled with love, I want to tell you that your brother is getting married on …, time…, venue…. Don’t miss it or be ready to get killed.

My wedding will not complete without you. I wanna see you at my side just like always. Date, Time and Venue.

Wedding Invitation Quotes From Bride and Groom

Finally, we are just a few days away from the wedding day. Just to remind you, your presence means a lot to us. So be there. Date, Time and Venue.

You had been with us all the time. We want you to be on our side on our biggest day too. Your presence is a must for us. Time, Date and Venue.

Holding hand in hand, we are all set to take our wedding vows, now you be there to be the witness of the moment. You are earnestly requested to come and bless our love.

It is the addition of a new chapter in my life. But the book will not complete without the best chapters. Be on time guys! Time, Date and Venue.

Ting-ting….. guys, we are finally tying knots and ready to take vows. Your presence will only make the moment graceful. Be on time!

Unique Wedding Quotes

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that my son/daughter is getting married on the date, time, venue. You are cordially invited to bless the couple.

The days like this comes once in a lifetime. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that my Son/Daughter is getting married with his/her love. Please be our guest and shower blessings on the new couple.

Our children want blessings of all their elders. Please join them on their big day and make it memorable. Date, Time, Venue.

Breaking News!
The Son (Name) of Mr…. and Mrs….. is getting married to daughter (Name) of Mr… and Mrs…… Please be our guest and shower blessings on the newly wed couple. Date, Time and Venue.

With the blessings of Jesus, my eldest son is getting married to the love of his life. Please take time to be the part of wedding ceremony and bless our children.

A wedding is an event when a soul unites with another and promise to live all their life together. It is the addition of a new chapter in a person’s life, and therefore, it call for the presence and blessings of everyone who are the part of our life in any ways family, friends, relatives, etc. With our wedding invitation messages for whatsApp and wording we are just trying to help you with writing an impressive invitation to guest, so that they also feel connected.
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