Motivational Quotes For WhatsApp Status

by Swati Singh

The secret of the universe says that motivated and happy people attract more happiness and abundance. Negativity hardly crosses their way. But the question is how you can pep up someone thought when the world is surrounded by ugly and selfish people. Well, the answer is with motivational quotes. 

Reading motivational quotes keep the status of the mind, positive and help fighting negativity. So, if you want to send messages to your friend, loved one or colleague, etc, instead of sounding lousy, be different. And to help you, we have prepared motivational quotes for the whatsapp collection. Use it as your Whatsapp status, send across to your friends and loved one to keep their thoughts positive. 

Motivational Status For WhatsApp

Life always gives chance to correct mistakes.

I’m not a fool. I’m busy following my dreams. 

Those who love quitting can never be successful. 

Never give an excuse to your goals. Because it reflects your attitude.

Trust on two things to be happy in life. The God and Your Heart. 

The biggest thing one can do to make someone’s life better is inspiring someone. There are two ways you can inspire someone, either become an inspiration or read/send inspirational thoughts with the person. And a combination of both can transform a person’s life. So, do that and for inspirational text, refer to our inspirational status about life.  

Inspirational Status About Life

 Learn from Bad Days to stay faultless in Good Day

You cannot do this! This line motivates me to work more and do better than before. 

Hurdles trouble those who have a fear of falling. 

Give what you want in life. To receive love, start giving love.

Achievers do no have one thing in their dictionary, LIMITATIONS!

We know many people read Whatsapp status, if you also have a large contact list, why not do something different. Instead of putting uninteresting and mundane status, put inspiration/motivational status. For Inspirational quotes status for whatsapp, refer to our collection. 

Inspirational Quotes Status For WhatsApp

The tough time comes to test attitude. Instead of fearing, welcome it to check your potential.

Things might not look right today, but tomorrow when the time will go, you would realize how wrong you were. 

I’m quiet, I’m talking to myself and preparing for the future.

Those who are optimist sees opportunity in everything. 

If you want your future to be bright first forget the past. 

Motivational WhatsApp Status In Hindi

Zindagi jeene ka naam hai, harte tu wo hain tu bujdil hote hain. 

Agar apni galtiyon se kuch seekhna ho tu pahle khud se khud ki pahchan karlien. 

Doosaron ko kuch seekhane se pahle wo cheej aap khud seekh lein. Loog aapke deewane ban jayenge.

Galtiyan wo hi karte hain jo kuch karne or banana ki koshish karte hain. 

Cheeti seedhe rah chalti hai, wo isse hi apni kamyabi manti hai. Sheer muskil raah chunta hai, wo isse apni kamyabi manta hai.

Best Short Motivational WhatsApp Status

Life treats you the way you treat life. It is fair game, no cheating!

Don’t let your past take too much of your today. 

Life gives equal opportunity to everyone. Success and failure depend on the individual’s choice. 

Falling, failure, the knockout is normal, reviving, emerging, endeavoring is abnormal. Chose the abnormal to not to be normal.

If need to be pushed to do something, it’s better you quit that work.

Small Quotes For WhatsApp Status

Life is for enjoying, not for regretting. 

I have a strong determination to get success.

Planners are great at minimizing risk and maximizing the possibilities of success. 

Defeat is normal not defeated. One must not be defeated. 

Planning every day is the beginning of a successful future. 

We have prepared these Motivational quotes for WhatsApp collection to help you with a great WhatsApp status. If you like our collection, start using it as your WhatsApp status. We would feel great and thankful. And if you want to have some personalized messages, do not hesitate in writing to us.

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