Janmashtami Wishes You Can Send To Your loved Ones 2021

by Swati Singh

Janmashtami 2021 will fall in 30th of August (Monday). It is an important festival for Indians, and devotees of Lord Krishna all over the world. If you want to send Janmashtami Wishes to your friends, relatives and love ones and looking for some good messages, check our collection.

But before sharing Janmashtami Messages with you, we would like to share some interesting facts about Janmashtami which will enhance your spiritual knowledge about Lord Krishna.

Janmashtami is also called as Gokulastami, because this is the day of Krishna’s birth who was born in Gokul. He was born on the eighth day of Bhadrapada that is Krishanapaksha of Bhagrapada, that starts after the end of Srawana. Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. He came on earth to evils.

How Do People Celebrate Janmashtami In India?

Janmashtami is one of the most common festivals of India. The entire nation comes together to commemorate this day, however, the enthusiasm of people living in north India especially Delhi, Uttar Pradesh is exceptional because of being the birthplace of Krishna. It is common to see kids dressed in Krishna style outfit, dahi handi game, temples decorated with flowers on the day.

Those who are unwilling to join their loved ones on the day, celebrate this festival by sending Janmashtami Wishes, lord Krishna Quotes and greetings to each other. If you are one of them, here are the wishes that you can send and greet people.

Janmashtami Wishes

Janmashtami Wishes

Happy Janmashtami to all the devotees of Krishna. May his melodious flute take away all your worries and bless you bliss. Happy Janmashtami.

Krishna says, “You concentrate on me, and I will take care of you”. No problem will ever cross your way when Krishna is there to protect you. Happy Janmashtami.

Follow three teachings of Krishna to have a blissful life. Don’t let your desires over power your thoughts, always help the needy, never hurt anyone. Happy Janmashtami.

Dahi handi, colourful fait, dance, drama on the stage. This is all Janmastami look like. May you have a wonderful 2020 Janmashtami.

May the ladoo gopal come your home to steal makhan and take away all your pain and worries. Happy Janmashtami.

Never hurt anyone and Krishna will never let you hurt by anyone. Happy Janmashtami.

Lots of wishes and greetings for the Janmashtami. Enjoy the bliss of festival with friends and family.

Janmashtami comes once in a year, leave no desired unfulfilled. This is the Krishna’s day. Have a fun filled and blissful day.

Get soaked in the fevor of Janmashtami. Happy a happy and blissful day. Happy Gokulashtami.

To all the Krishna lovers, may you have a wonderful day. May he shower best of his blessings on you all.

Hindus celebrate the festival by keeping fast, decorating temples, praying in group, night vigil. Most of the temples of Krishna organize dance-drama also called a ras-lilla on the night. Krishna Janmastami celebration goes for two days. First, the birth day (mainly celebrated in temples), second, after the birth (Celebrated at home). On the sixth day of Janmastami, another celebration takes place called as chathi, which is also celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm by the  people. People also send Janmashtami wishes to each other for wishing.  

Happy Janmashtami Wishes
Happy Janmashtami Wishes

Janmashtami Messages In English

Once again the birthday of Krishna has come, once again, I am happy and drenched. With lots of love to all, happy Janmashtami to all my friends.

Red, blue, green, pink and yellow! Colour each corner of your house with these beautiful hues and check his tiny toes. Happy Janmashtami.

It’s Krishna’s birthday, the world know he is coming at the mid-night. Happy Janmashtami.

Make some more noise, add some more colours, beautify every nooks and crannies. My Krishna is coming. Happy Janmashtami.

Krishna teaches, when you have given your life in my hands, don’t worry about the future and present.

Leave your dreams with me and I will make them true. You just do your duty. Happy Janmashtami.

There is nothing in the world that Krishna can’t do. Devote your life to him and he will do everything. Happy Janmashtami.

Happy Janmashtami! May the tune of flute guide you and show you the right path. Only he can take you to your destiny, nothing else.

May your life stay full of love and prosperity. May Krishna shower his blessings on you. Happy Janmashtami.

Janmashtami is the day when he came on earth to vanish all evils. Please protect us once again, dear Krishna.

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Cute Janmashtami Wishes

May Krishna continue showering his blessings on you and you become his favourite child. Happy Janmashtami.

May Krishna come your house to steal dahi from your handi. With lots of love and wishes.

May all your wishes come true. May he shower his blessings on you. Happy Janmashtami.

Krishna came on earth to teach the lesson of love and brotherhood. May his teaching become prevalent in 2020 too. Happy Janmashtami.

Have a happy and cute Janmastami.

Happy birthday to Krishna, the cutest child ever. May every mother gets a child like him. Happy Janmashtami.

To all the devotees of Krishna. Enchant his name and no problem will ever cross your way. Happy Janmashtami.

May natkhat nandlal visit your home to spread happiness and laughter all around. Wish you happy and prosperous Janmashtami.

Janmashtami is all about celebrating Krishan’s birthday and listening his childhood stories.Wish you all happy Janmashtami.

Hare Krishha, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna. Happy Janmashtami.

The famous temples that organizes Krishna Janmashtami are ISKCON, Banke Bihari temple, Dwarkadish temple, Shri Krishna temple, Guruvayur temple, Govind Dev Ji temple, Jagannath temple, Prem Mandir Vrindavan, Shri Nathji temple, nathdwara.

Janmashtami Wishes to Sister

Dear sister, you use to become one of the best Krishna ever. Now, it’s the turn of your son. Love you a lot, happy Janmashtami.

 Happy-happy and happy Janmashtami to my dearest sister. I dying to eat the panjiri of your hand.

The game of Dahi-handi has no fun without you. Happy Janmashtami to you, motto.

Festivals are all about being with family and having some good time. Missing you dearest sister. Happy Janmashtami.

Dear sister, I wish you lots of love, affection, intelligence, pamper and prosperity this Janmashtami. Happy Krishna Janmashtami.

Hathi, ghoda palki…..Jai kanahiya lal ki. Happy Janmashtami

May everyone cheer around and have a blessed day. Happy Janmashtami and have a wonderful day.

What you have is for today, what you will have, it’s not in your hand. So, focus on Krisna and soaked yourself in Krishna’s devotion. You will find the eternal happiness. Happy Janmashtami.

To all Krishna devotees, may you have a great day. Dear Krishna, happy birthday.

The fun time of the year is hear, enjoy the present without thinking about past and future. Happy Janmashtami.

Lord Krishna Quotes

Today is the biggest day of the year. It’s the birthday of the person who has created the universe. Happy Birthday Krishna

May the Murli Manohar make your life blissful and happy forever. Happy Janmashtami.

Happy and blissful Janmashtami to all of you. May you have a great time.

Janmashtami celebrates the birthday of natkhat nandlal. May we all live under his glory forever. Happy Janmashtami to all of you.

May the Janmashtami bring love and prosperity in your family. Happy and blissful Janmashtami.

May lord Krishan awakens your spirit and knowledge. Happy Janmashtami to you and your family.

Sweets, makhan, curd and milk, everything is here on the plate, please Kanahiya come and eat.

Lots of love to you for the wonderful day. The Kanahiya is on the way. Happy Birthday Kanahiya, happy Janmashtami.

My Krishna is coming again with his cute smile to fascinate all his devotees. Happy Janmashtami.

Protect yourself if you could from falling in the captivation of Krishna’s charm. It’s his birthday, happy Janmashtami.

Krishan Janmashtami is a big festival and it holds a strong cultural value in India and other parts of the world as well. The devotees of Krishna are everywhere, they celebrate the birthday of Krishan with great zeal and enthusiasm, although, celebration varies from nation to nation. We are also contributing in this celebration by providing you heart-touching Janmashtami wishes, lord krishna quotes collection. Hope you like it and would not hesitate in sharing it. Happy Janmashtami to all you from team GREETINGSMSG.COM.

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