Ideas To Celebrate Janmashtami At Home In Lockdown/Pandemic Situation

by Swati Singh

The unlocking of nations has opened everything, however, it is a our call to stay at home, take precautions to remain protected from the infection. Now, the Janmashtami is coming, we all celebrate the festival with huge enthusiasm. But if we are going to do the same thing that we used to do from past so many years, we could bring the infection back at home. In the present scenario, it is logical to stay at home and protect ourself, and loved ones. Here, we suggest you some ideas to celebrate Janmashtami with the same euphoria without stepping outside.

Ideas To Celebrate Janmashtami At Home

Decorate Your Home Temple And Arrange Bhajan Sandhaya

Decorating home temple on Janmashtami is the thing that we all do on the day every year. This year also, you have to do the same. Just add one thing in the celebration. Arrange a bajan sandhaya. Call the people whom you are staying with in this period, for bhajan. You can ask them to dress up for the occasion to get the true feeling of celebration. If you don’t know how to do the bajan, take the help from youtube channels. There are many channels present that have beautiful bajans of Krishna.

Perform Raas Lila With Family Members And Neighbour

Every year you enjoy raas lila on stage played by professionals, by now you must be aware of what happens in the raas lila. This year, you play this role. Take the help of youtube to know and understand different characters. This will not only be an entertainment for you but also for others visiting your home for puja. Additionally, this will be a learning time for kids at home.

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Prepare Ladoos and Panjiri At Home For Prasad

Prasad in an integral part of Janmashtami puja. Instead of buying sweets from outside, prepare it at home. You will surely have a great time doing all this, if you are a devotional person.  Or you can also ask your neighbours if they are joining you in the puja to prepare something as Prasad. This way, you will have a variety to present to your guests.

Hope you like our how to celebrate Janmashtami at home in lockdown/pandemic. Follow these ideas to have an awesome celebration on the day. Janmashtami 2020 will be celebrated on 11 (Tuesday) and 12 (Wednesday) August. Also, refer our Janmashtami wishes and message collection to send greetings online.

Prepare Ladoos and Panjiri

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