Great Tips On How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Day At School And Office

by Swati Singh

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Day: Everyone knows how a perfect Thanksgiving dinner looks like but when it comes to turning that dinner into a fun gathering, many fail to bring that transformation.

This year, no need to arrange a full-blown feast, instead make the 2020 thanksgiving celebration momentous by adding some fun element in the party and make it a real pleasure for your office employees. Here we are sharing some tips on how to celebrate thanksgiving day at school and office and make it big.

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Day At The Office And Make It A Real Fun

Thanksgiving day is the time to show gratitude towards those who have done good with you. Here are some ideas that you can use to kick-off celebration in the office.

Engage Employee In Charitable Activity

Engagement of employees in social activities inculcate good moral values in them. On the thanksgiving day, organize group activities. E.g., every year our office organizes sapling plantation on thanksgiving day. Every year, we choose different places to do this activity. It gives us real happiness. We feel this is one of the ways to thank nature.

Organize Teamgiving Activity

In the ‘teamgiving’ activity, each member of the team gets a name. The person has to bring a gift for the person. You can ask the team to use their creativity and make some gift that reflects appreciation.

Create Thankyou Wall On Floor

When my office created the “thank you” wall to appreciate our efforts, each one of us contributed share our feelings for others. You can also do the same, add some more creativity in this effort to make it more appealing. For such activity, you might require the help of our thanksgiving messages collection.

ways to celebrate thanksgiving

Engage Students In Good Work

Yes, you can engage students in some good cause work. Ask them to bring one recipe from their home and distribute the same in any orphanage or at any place where there is a requirement. This action will have numerous benefits for kids.

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Ask Them To Speak Positive Funny Things About Their Friends

This is a fun way of celebrating thanksgiving day. Ask every student to name their friends, then prepare a list. Each student should have one or two friends to speak about. Assign them their partner’s name and ask them to prepare a short funny note for them. End the activity playing a game that all students enjoy.

Play Vocabulary Improving Games

There are many games present to improve vocabulary, use any of them. Ask students to use thanksgiving day vocabulary in this game to make it like more complicated and interesting. Concluding the day with pot lunch is also a great idea.

Try these fun ways of celebrating thanksgiving day at offices and school and make the day memorable. Author Bio – The author of the page Swati has a passion for writing. She loves to write on different topics, including how to celebrate events, special days, etc. In this article, she has shared tips on how to celebrate thanksgiving day at office and school.

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