Happy Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend That Touch Your Heart

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14th February is the day when couples celebrate their love. Both partners expect some more attention from each other. And there comes greetingsmsg.com. We help you add more warmth in your love by giving you ideas and words to express your feeling. Check our lovely happy valentine day messages for girlfriend collection and others for the same.

Happy Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend

I feel fortunate to have you as my valentine. Might be someone in the Universe is impressed of me that I have been blessed of you. I love you, love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The only thing I want to keep doing all my life is loving you, and nothing else. You are so beautiful and great, happy valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day my love, you the world’s most beautiful girl. And remember, for me, you will always be a girl. Love you!

From morning till night, from sunrise to dawn, from east to west and from north to south, I see only one pretty face and that’s your’s. I’m glad ur my valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day my love! You are the person who understands me like no one else.

Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart! Can I kiss you and tell you the same after that?

I never wished to date a beautiful girl. My only desire was to have a partner who understands me well and be at my side whenever I need her. But God gave me both. Thanks to lord, and lots of love to my sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentine’s day my love! I can’t imagine my life without you and your love.

I have a lucky charm, it turns all my wishes true. And that is nothing but you. Happy Valentine’s day my love, you are my life!

You are my life, you are my love. I want to live all my life with you. Happy Valentine’s Day

Has your valentine become your life partner? Then this becomes more pertinent to wish her on valentine’s day. If you have lost words, no worries, we are here to help with happy valentine day messages for girlfriend.

Happy Valentine Day Messages
Happy Valentine Day Messages

Valentine Msg For Wife

From a friend to girlfriend to a life partner. Our journey till has been incredible. To my forever valentine, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Life was sweet without you, and become honey with you. Thanks for adding healthy sweetness in my beautiful life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

As the days are passing, I’m becoming little like you and you are becoming more like me. Thanks for jelling up with me so well. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear wife!

Things will not change, until you change. With lots of love, I wish happy valentine to my darling wife.

Happy Valentine’s day sweetheart! You are a partner who understands me like no other. Thanks for making an imperfect piece into a master of perfection.

Valentine’s day is for lovers. So, it’s not like only the boy has to wish her girl. You can also do the same to make him feel special. Do the same with our touching valentine messages for him.

Happy Valentine Day SMS Message for Wife
­­­­­Valentine Messages For Girlfriend Long Distance

Touching Valentine Message For Him

I love you my sweetheart, the piece of perfection. And even though, I had so many flaws, you accepted me the way I’m. To my man, happy valentine’s day!

I can’t stop myself asking this question. I want to be your valentine this year, and forever. Will you be mine?

Holding your hands, I have lived so many wonderful moments. But, this much is not enough for me. I want to spend all my life with you, will you be my lifelong valentine?

I love you, and I don’t know why I love you so much. Wanna ask you, will you be my valentine?

All through the life, you impressed me in various ways. You tried all the ways to tell me “I love you”, and I just blushed. I don’t wanna change things even now, but all I wanna say today is that I love everything you did and will do always. I love you, happy valentine’s day, my sweetheart!

Find the best happy valentine day messages for a girlfriend now in Hindi as well. It is so heart-touching that anyone girl would get impressed by it.

Happy Valentine Day Shayari for Gf/Bf
Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend In Hindi

Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend In Hindi

Zindagi kitni khubsoort hai, ye tumse milkar jana maine. Saari duniya mai sirf aapna mana hai tumhe. Kabhi na karonga shikayat kisi khata ki, na honga kabhi naraz kisi baat se. Khushiyon se bhara hoga hamara jahan, bas yahi kahna hai tumhe. Happy Valentine’s Day

Yun tu kahne ko bahut kuch hai mere pass, lekin mai kahonga wahi jo meri mahbooba sunana chahati hai aaj. Happy valentine’s day!

Tumko pane ko bahut kuch khoya hai maine. Is liye dil k eek kone mai mahfooz rakha hai tumhe. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jaan.

Tum chand se jyada haseen nahin, poolon se jyada komal nahin. Tum oos ki boond si nirmal nahin, tum hawa ke jhonkon si sheetal nahin. Par meri dil ke bahut kareeb ho tum, meri bahut ajeez ho tum. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Janana ho agar ki pyar kya hota hai tu dekhle tumhari soorat koi ek baar. Maar na jaye tumhare paar mai tu kya baat. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Day Quotes

­­­­­Valentine Messages For Girlfriend Long Distance

This has been an incredible year, happy first valentine’s day to you my dear!

This is the same day, you accept my proposal. I thank you for becoming mine forever. Happy Valentine!

This is our first valentine, and I wanted to make it special. Even after not having any creativity, I have arranged all this for you. Happy first valentine’s to you!

Happy valentine’s day to you my sweetheart. You are the girl, I always prayed to have from God. Happy first valentine’s day!

Nothing has changed in a an year, except that you and I have got closer than before. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Funny Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend

Happy valentine’s day to you sweetheart. Is it ok, or should I add more affirmative in this message?

I’m scared of wishing you valentine’s day, without flowers and cake. Please, forgive me for this mistake.

Happy valentine’s day to the most beautiful I have even met.

The beauty of a red bouquet of roses is nothing infront of your charm. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

One thing I never want to change in my life and that is that way we both love each other. We are inseparable. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!

If you have something in your heart that you wanna say to your girl, take the help of our words to do the same. Find the best messages to propose her from our happy valentine day messages for girlfriend collection.

Touching Valentine Message For Him
Touching Valentine Message For Him

Valentine Day Propose Messages For Girlfriend

When you and I will become, the world will be more beautiful, content and full of love. Please accept my proposal of sharing your life with me, just like you accepted to love me. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

Happy  valentine’s day! I wanna make you my girlfriend for life? Would mind becoming the same.

When we are together we hold the potential to conquer the world. Imagine what will happen if we become a life partner. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!

Happy Valentine’s Day Love! May I take the pleasure the forward our relationship to the next step. Please say or no, I’m dying to hear.

Growing old with you is the biggest dream of my life. Happy Propose day, my dearest would be wife.

Happy Valentines Day Messages For Ex Girlfriend

We spend some great moments together. Though you are not in my life anymore but the moments are still in my memories. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentine’s day! We are not together anymore but the love and respect must prevail.

Happy valentine’s day! I’m looking forward to have a friendly relationship with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, there is nothing I can do to stop loving you.

I want to wish you happy valentine’s day because I love you still.

It is better to forget old relationships if you have moved out. Still, if you wanna wish your Ex on valentine’s day, we won’t stop you. In fact, we will help you in doing the same.

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