Happy Independence Day Quotes , Wishes And WhatsApp Status That Proud You

by Swati Singh

2021 Independence day is all set to come, and Indian’s hearts are full of patriotic feelings once again. People have started searching For Happy Independence day quotes, wishes and messages to share with their friends, relative, known ones and even unknown ones. If you are also looking for some trendy, heart-touching messages don’t go anywhere. We are right here to serve you the best. With our collection of messages, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Sending happy independence day quotes to friends, relatives and loved ones become a trend before a few days of Independence day. If you are also looking for some quotes and wishes that reflects patriotism, the independence day messages collection is just for you. So, have a look on our Happy independence day messages, Quotes and start sharing it right from today.

Happy Independence Day Quotes

 Lots of wishes to you and your family for the independence day. May you enjoy independence in everyday life.

Fly like birds, swim like fishes, breath the fresh air and eat what you want. But never forget to stay united when it comes fighting with our country’s enemy. Happy Independence day to all my friends.

Independence has given us many benefits. We should be thankful for everything, happy independence day to my lovely country.

I love you my country and the lovely Indians. Let’s be united to fight with all our enemies. Happy Independence day.

By boycotting a few products that we use, if our enemies destroys, I am ready to to it with full heart. Join my campaign, happy independence day.

This independence day, I urge all of you to become vocal for local. Let’s make India a new world. Happy Independence day.

Instead of wishing you a happy independence day, I want to pique your soul for doing something for the upliftment of the nation. Let’s start a mission and get into the action.

Happy independence day to all my dear friends who love India the same way I do, can do anything to protect its integrity and sovereignty.

 Our ancestors gave sacrifices of their life to gift us freedom. Can’t we leave our differences and become one. The nation is calling for a freedom movement once again. Happy Independence day.

Lots of wishes to you and your family for the Independence day. Set your heads high and ego down,

India is the land of love and devotion, let the same remain its character. Our small actions could bring big changes. Happy Independence day. 

Wishes For Independence Day

Cheer, laughter, fun and fervor, this is what India’s independence is like, and will remain so, forever.

Lots of wishes for the independence day to you and your family. May you enjoy each moment of the day to the fullest.

Happy independence day! A big salute to my national heroes who are standing on the borders to protect our nation.

Happy Independence day! A big  day to pay tribute to our national heroes, and the heroes standing on the border to protect the country.

Let’s not be patriotic for a day, have this feeing in your heart for your whole life. Happy Independence day.

We have got this freedom after a long-long fight. This is the right time to pay tribute to our national heroes for their sacrifice. Happy Independence day.

We are lucky that we are living in an independent country.  Ask those are not. Celebrate Independence day, and vow to nation that it will always be independent.

Dear India, you will always be free and independent as today. This is my promise to you. Forward this message to as many people as you can.

India is my beloved nation and it owes me. Lots of love to all Indians and happy Independence day.

Happy Independence day to you dear India. You shine like a star on earth, this is my dream for you.

Independence Day Messages To Employees

Unity in diversity is the characteristics of India. And ours too. Happy Independence day.

It is not a holiday, So don’t spend it the same way. We Wish All Of You Happy Independence Day.

———–Wishes all its employees, Happy Independence day.

If each one of us will start believing that our small efforts can bring a big change, then nothing could stop India from reaching at the top. Happy Independence Day.

To all the heroes of our ————-, Happy Independence Day.

We salute and pay our heartiest tribute to our national heroes. Happy Independence Day.

Respect the freedom and love your country. Happy Independence Day.

Every life counts to make our nation stronger. Happy Independence Day.

Human talent is an asset of India, we all are proud of you. India is proud of you. Happy Independence day to you.

Happy Independence day to all of you. Your growth is our’s growth and our’s growth is India’s growth.

When we all will work for one motive, we will be able to meet any target. Let’s make India proud. Happy Independence Day.

Looking for Hindi independence day wishes, here is the awesome collection of the same for you. Our messages filled with the feeling of patriotism will not disappoint you.

Independence Day Wishes In Hindi

Mera bharat, mera desh, mera India, mera Hindustan, 2020 mai likhega kai ney dastaan. Swatantrata Diwas ki dheroon shubh kamnayein.

Watan Ke Waste Kuch Kar Gujaron Ye Dharam Hai Mera

Mahfooj Rahe Pyara Hindustan Watan Mera

Har Rooz Nikele Swatrantra Suraj, Har Rooj Ho Sunahara Savera.

Happy Independence Day.

Har dil mai base bharat, har dil payar kare bhartiyon se, karlo aapna acharan aisa. Yahi kamana hai 2020 mai meri aap sabhi se.

Khush hain hum saab swatantra hone par, par na bhoolo unko jisne di ye khusiyan is din par. Swatantrata Diwas ki dheroon shubh kamnayein, aap sabhi ko.

Kahte hain humko pyar se India wale. Swatantrata Diwas ki dheroon shubh kamnayein, aap sabhi ko.

Swatantrata Diwas ki dheroon shubh kamnayein, aap sabhi ko. Aur sadar pranam unko jo khade hain sarhad par desh ki raksha mai.

स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं

Bharat ko na hara payega cheen, na Pakistan aur na hi Nepal, agar hum sab hain har pal ek sath. Jai bharat, jai swatantra diwas.

Dil se swatantrata diwas ki subh kamnayein aap sabhi, mujhe garwa hai appne Hindustani hone par, kya appko hai?

Hamse hai desh, hum hi desh ki aan hain. Jhukne na denge tiranga kabhi, ladenge dushmano se jabtak jism mai jaan hai. Swatantrata Diwas ki dheroon shubh kamnayein.

Mai na bhoolon, tum na bhoolo, koi na boole, azadi mili hai hame bahut kathinaiyon se. Swatantrata Diwas amar rahe.

Jab baat aayegi tumhe bachane ki aaye hind, shochenge nahin ek baar bhi sir katane se pahle. Jai hind, jai Hindustan.

Kar Diya Hai Maine Khud Ko Matrabhumi Ke Hawale

Mushkilein Lakh Aayein Raston Mai Magar Hum Himmat Nahin Harne Wale

Aazad Hai Mera Desh, Aur Azad Hi Rahega, Kyunki Aan Koi

Some emotions are best described in native language, so, if you are looking for independence day wishes in Hindi, and refer to this collection.

Independence Day Wishes For Friends

Happy Independence day to all my lovely friends. Wish you have a great day.

Whilst we are busy wishing each other happy independence, a thought came in mind. Instead of wishing each can’t we do something for the nation and celebrate independence in a true manner.

Our small moves for the betterment of nation brings lots of change. Let’s become an inspiration for the coming generation. Let’s not just wish each other but take some actions.

I celebrated my 2019 independence day adopting a few deprive children for education. This year, I have plan to increase their number. What about you? Are you bringing any change, this independence. If yes, happy independence day.

I am not going to waste my national holiday sitting idle, instead I will do something for the society, for the nation. If you are with me, forward this message to people you know and let’s start a mission. Happy Independence day.

Wish you all happy independence day. Let’s make this day a bit motivating by doing something for the nation.

Independence Day WhatsApp Status

If we can’t be a soldier, we can be a motivator, educator, inspiration and caretaker of our society.  Share what you want to become on this independence day? Happy Independence day to you.

Let’s unite and take pledge to take India to the next level.  Happy Independence day.

Today is Independence Day! Are You Treating It As A Holiday? Please Don’t. Step Out And Contribute In Nation’s Development In Anyways. And proudly say “Happy Independence Day”

Let’s set an example how Indian celebrates their Independence Day by doing something for the nation. Just One!

Take the pledge to make India the capital of peace, harmony, love and unity. Happy Independence day.

If you want to post something interesting on social media but can’t express your feelings in words, take our help. Refer our Happy Independence Day Quotes Post.

Independence Day Posts

Change your thought to see the change you wanted to see in India. Happy Independence day.

I am a proud Indian. My country has given a lot to me and I want to give my everything to it. Lots of love, happy independence day.

Happy Independence day to all of you. Support India and be vocal for local.

This independence day, pay tribute to our national heroes by not supporting our enemies in any ways.

Lots of love to all my Indian friends who are Indian by heart, soul and body. Let’s make India proud by our actions.

If you think you can’t do anything for India as you are an ordinary citizen, then stay quiet and keep your feelings within you. Don’t influence others. Every effort matters when it comes to making India proud.

From today, I will not allow polythene in my home and life. I want to make India free from this poison. Happy Independence day.

Independence day Greetings

Every move matters, start with something to bring the change in our country. Happy Independence day to my 130 crore deshwasi.

I love you India, we has made you proud, we are making you proud, we will make you proud. Happy Independence Day.

Thousands laid down their lives to earn Independence. The history entails, it has never come easy to anyone.

Dear India, because of the stupidity of a few people you became a slave. We won’t let this history repeat ever. You will be free forever and shine like never before. Happy Independence day.

Today is the day to pay tribute to those who gave us freedom. It is also a day to support those who are striving to give India it’s lost place in the world again. Happy Independence Day.

Independence means feeling free from mind, having faith in the words and proud in the heart. Happy Independence Day to everyone!

We are indivisible, incredible and trustable, and beyond everything, we are ready to sacrifice our lives for the nation. Because we are Indians.

Happy Independence Day Status

I am feeling proud that I am an Indian and nothing can beat us. Happy Independence day.

India has given me many reasons to smile and be happy. I am its proud citizen.

Happy Independence day to all my Indian friends.

We are one, irrespective of our caste, colour, religion and region. Happy Independence day.

Independence day is one salute to the gorgeous nation and its legendary heroes.

Lots of wishes to you for the independence day. Have a happy day.

Happy Independence Day Quotes

Happy Independence Day Messages

Happy-happy and happy independence day to all of you. Have a rocking day.

I have decided to stop using polythene from this independence day and free my country from its trap.

My definition of Independence day. Be independent in thoughts and actions. Lots of love.

Many-many wishes to you for the independence day. Have an awesome day.

Before a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, I am a proud Indian. Happy Independence Day!

We might seem separate from inside but we are together for enemies. Happy Independence Day!

2021 Independence Day Wishes

Happy Independence day. May you all have a rewarding 2020.

Our country is facing the toughest time, let’s be united and support each other. Happy Independence day.

Enemies standing at the border are looking for our one mistake. We can’t afford that. Be united and support India in every way. Happy Independence day.

Don’t know weather this independence day will be happy or not, but I am sure we will be proud of our actions. Lots of wishes for the independence day.

Devote the independence day to nation with proud feeling. Happy Independence Day!

When we all will become one, no one will be able to beat us. This Independence day, be united to bring the change. Happy Independence day.

A huge tribute to freedom fighter and a big salute to our brothers and sisters standing on the border. Happy Independence Day!

The free breath we are taking today is all because of our ancestors who led the path for this freedom.

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day Wishes

Independence is earned with sacrifices, it never comes as a gift. Preserving its integrity would be a tribute to heroes who had died so that we could live. Happy Independence Day to all of us!

Independence means free thoughts, expression and free spirit. Happy Independence Day!

Sending happy independence day quotes to friends, relatives and loved ones become a trend before a few days of Independence day. If you are also looking for some quotes and wishes that reflects patriotism, the independence day messages collection is just for you.

The wishes for independence day is our exclusive collection that you can send to your friends and relatives on WhatsApp or as a text message.

Wishes For Independence day

My Love For My Nation Is Endless

My Respect For My Nation Is Limitless

To Me My Beloved Nation Is Always First.

Happy Independence Day.

The proudest moment of my life would be when my body will be taken over by my country for a cause. I’m its proud son and I’ll be forever.

You don’t have to wander for vogue Independence day wishes for friends as our collection is here to help you. Send as many wishes as you want this Happy Independence Day. A celebration is incomplete without Whatsapp status. On the occasion of independence day, if you are looking for patriotic content, then our happy independence day status is something you can count upon.

The 2021 Happy Independence Day Quotes is our unique collection for 2021 year and for millennials. Use this as inspiration or the same way. Enjoy the independence day with your near and dear ones the way you want. And send Happy Independence day Quotes wishes and messages to everyone as much as you can. From our end we are helping you by providing the best wishes for the day. Happy Independence day from team greetingsmsg.com.

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