25 Best Funny Happy New Year Wishes Messages 2022

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Funny Happy New Year Wishes: The year is about to end and the New Year is all set to begin. We all greet our friends and relatives with happy new year wishes and messages with some intense emotional content.

We suggest you, try something humorous this time. Instead of sending senti or feeling full New Year messages, send funny happy New Year wishes messages. Wandering, why are we saying this?

Because life is too short for men/women to take it seriously, said George Bernard Shaw. Adding a little humour to it will only make it easy. We are already witnessing so many changes around us which is engulfing our happiness every single moment. So, when you have the opportunity, add humour not only in your life but in your loved ones as well. Our funny happy new year wishes messages will surely help you to chuckle this time.

Check our short but exclusive collection of the funny happy new year wishes messages and send it to everyone whom you want to cheer for this year.

Funny Happy New Year Wishes Messages

The last year is now the past. So, forget all your pain and sorrows, even the breakups. And look forward to the new happiness waiting with red roses. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dearest friend. I wish I could sleep with you a few nights more.

May the New Year bring lots of positivity in you and you turn into a lamp post.

Happy New Year, sweetheart! I have a dream to see you little thinner this year. Please do it for me, dear!

To my dearest friend cum girlfriend. You are very nice, very-very nice. I wish you had some brain also! Happy New Year!

It is not like you can’t draft funny happy new year wishes messages. But why take the pain, when we are here to help you. Our collection of messages is ready to get shared. Find the best one or the one that relates to you and share it. It is that simple!

Funniest happy new year wishes

My resolution for the New Year was I will quit all my bad habit. Then, I thought of you my friend. Who would give you the company. So dropped the idea. Happy New Year, my best buddy!

You are my best buddy! We are not quitters. No resolution for New Year and no Quitting of Beer. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Only I understand the feelings of my friend. No more vegan! Only chicken and beer for the New Year!

We are physically different but mentally and by soul the same. No matter what, will never leave your appartment! Happy New Year, another year of togetherness!

May all your wishes for the New Year come true. Even the desire of seeing a real ghost! Happy New Year!

Funny Happy New Year Wishes Messages

Happy New Year to you, dearest friend! If you will start your day with cheer, it will continue for the year.

Knock-Knock! Guess who is there? The SMILE. Happy New Year!

Many-Many wishes for the New Year! Please welcome it with a smile not a fart.

May all your dreams turn true. I wanted to say this, but then I thought of your dream breaking off with your GF.

May this year all your dreams do not come true. Or you will throw me out of this apartment.  

Funny wishes and messages certainly bring cheer to readers face, and it is pious work to make others smile. If you also think the same way, then these funny new year wishes will help you in some way. You can take it as inspiration or share it with your friends like that.


Funny New Year Quotes

Wish you a happy New Year! You are the fattest man I have ever seen.

Happy New Year! No matter what, I will never leave the hope of making you lean. I will succeed one day!

Yet another to spend with you. So excited to get ruined! Happy New Year to you my rascal friends!

Many-many wishes for the New Year! Don’t think I will call you guys for the party!

The time heals everything, even the pain of having a friend like me. Happy New Year!

Funny New Year Messages

I never told you this, but my teasing’s and comments were only to make you cheer. I’ll continue doing this even in this year and coming years!

Happy New Year! You the best! This is my first and last lie of the year

Have I ever told you, You Are The Best?


It’s fine! It might be because you are not!

Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one does! Happy New Year!

Lots of love and cheer for the New Year to the lovely beer.

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New Year is the time we wish our loved ones, friends, family members, neighbors and sometimes even to those whom we don’t know. If you wish to spread some cheer on these people with your New Year wishes, then greetingsmsg.com has brought for you the lovely funny happy new year wishes messages.

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