Lovely Collection of Fathers day wishes from son

by Swati Singh

Looking for fresh Fathers day wishes from son to wish your father and make him happy, choose messages and Quotes from our wide collection.

The father and mother have equal importance in a child’s life. But whilst giving the importance to parents, the father remains underrated, this is because of the emotional side of the mother. The role of a father is like the shield of a house which protects the family. Therefore, fathers are considered as tough, however, it is not like they don’t have an emotion or they don’t like it. On the contrary, they too desire to hear from their family a few words of appreciation and love. If you have not said this to you Dad before, tell him the same on this father’s day and make it a special one. If you need some help, check our awesome collection of father’s day wishes from son.

Fathers Day Wishes From Son

I love you Dad, you are the most powerful person in my life. I always wanted to be like you but can’t be alike. Happy Father’s Day, My Sweet Dad.

Types of Dad, sweet, intelligent, rich, powerful, determine, strict, funny, smart. Mine one is a perfect amalgamation of all. Love you Dad, happy father’s day.

I love my Dad because he is the richest person in the whole world. Because Dad, you have never said ‘No’ to me for anything, whether you could afford it or not. Thanks Dad, love you and wishing you a lovely father’s day.

My friends say, I am a great friend, awesome person, and a kind human. I have learned all this from you, Dad. Give  me more blessings, happy father’s day.

I love you Dad, and you have given me end numbers of reasons to love you and respect you all through my life.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes Quotes

Happy Fathers Day Wishes Quotes
Happy Fathers Day Wishes Quotes

Hey Dad, in this father’s day, I wanna say that I love you. You are my superhero and I am missing you.

I wanted to bring the biggest cake for you on your birthday, purchase the most expensive gift, take you on a long holiday tour. But dad, before that I wanna say, I love you a lot. Happy father’s Dad.

I have not seen how you made me learn so many things in my childhood. But now when I see you teaching so many things to my son, I believe you must be teaching me with the same love. Love you Dad, happy father’s dad.

A great son makes his father proud. A great father makes his son a good human. I feel fortunate to be your son. Happy father’s day, Dad.

 Happy father’s day to the richest Dad. You always had enough money to fulfil all my needs.

Funny Father’s Day Wishes To Dad

Dear Dad, happy father’s day. Today, I wanna reward a title to you. You are the funniest Dad on this planet.

Hey Dad, I know how much you love cakes, but I am not bringing the same for you on the father’s day.

Happy father’s day, dearest Dad. Today, I wanna share a secret with you ‘All the jokes you say doesn’t sound hilarious at all’.

Happy father’s day to my Dad who has a big belly and has a similar size of the heart. Love you a lot.

Happy father’s Day Dad. I have learned a lot from you. Especially a lot about what I should never do.

No matter how much we do for our parents, it would never be equal to what they did for us. So, when we can’t make it equal, it’s better you surrender. Respect your father and never miss any opportunity to tell him how much you love him. Father’s day is one of the wonderful occasion to do the same. So, send happy father’s day wishes to your Dad and make the day special for him.

Emotional Fathers Day Wishes from Son

Emotional Fathers Day Wishes from Son
Emotional Fathers Day Wishes from Son

Happy father’s day, dear dad. You have never said, you love me but I know, you love me a lot and I never expect you to say anything.

Lots of wishes to you dear Dad, you are my source of inspiration. Have a great Father’s day.  

Anyone can become a father but to become a dad, lots of effort is required. You are not just a good father but also a great teacher. Happy Father’s day.

Happy Father’s Day to the Man who I admire, who taught me how to step and throw. You can say, the man who has taught me almost everything about life that I know. Love you Dad.

Everyone says, my Dad is my superhero. But my Dad is my teacher, my inspiration, my role model, my source of motivation. Happy Father’s day, Dad.

Thank You Father’s Day Wishes

Happy Father’s Day In Hindi
Thank You Father’s Day Messages

Thanks you for all the support you gave me at the time when I was in need of it the most. Love you Dad, Happy Father’s day.

Thanks for believing me, thanks for supporting me, thanks for boosting my confidence. Dear Dad,  I love you a lot.

 A rich man is not the one who has a large bank account. He is the man who has a son who love and respect him. Dad, you should proud on me. And I am proud of you. Love you, Happy Father’s Day.

When you are around, I feel, I am at the safest place. Trust me Dad,  I feel the same way even today.

 I might get a prince someday, but my king will remain the same always. Happy Father’s day

Happy Father’s Day In Hindi

Pita ka hona hi ye barosa hota hai ki saab kuch theek hai aura age bhi theek hoga. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Mai itna mukurata isliye hoon kyun ki mere sir par mere pita ka haath hai. Unse pooche jinke pass nahin ye saubhagya hai.  Happy Father’s Day.

Kuch nahin hokar bhi mere pass bahut kuch hai, kyunki mere sada kush rahne wale aur mujhe khush dekhne wale peeta ka haath mere sir par hai. Happy Father’s Day.

Aap wo pita hain jinhone ne mujhe wo diya hai jo aur koi nahin de sakta hai. Apne mujh par us samaye barosa kiya jab kisi aur ne nahin kiya.  Happy Father’s Day.

App ek kamiyab pita hain kyunki mai ek kamyab beta hoon. Dil se love you Dad aapke itne pyar, yakeen aur sath ke liye. Happy Father’s Day.

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