60+ Best Quotes On Navratri | Happy Navratri Quotes

by Swati Singh

Happy Navratri Wishes! This festive season, most people prefer to buy new clothes and get them ready for their marriages. But there is another thing which comes in mind when we think about a new dress, and that is “Will my dress look good on me?”. When you are going for Navratri, one needs to look out for the best Navratri Designer Clothes, as these outfits can transform oneself completely. So here are some of the best Navratri quotes and Navratri outfits, which can help you make your special day even more beautiful.

Happy Navratri Wishes: A holy occasion as the festival of Navratri is really very rich with the spirit of love and happiness. On this occasion, girls give wishes to their beloved husband, friends and family, and wish them “Continued Love” and “)]. These wishes carry the essence of the festival and says how much the women love and care about their loved ones. Here are some quotes on Navratri from famous actresses which says how true Navratri actually is.

Best Quotes On Navratri

May you get the lights of hope, aspiration, happiness and divinity this Navratri. May you have wonderful, fun filled Navratri.

Enjoy fantastic nine nights of devotion, happiness and spirituality this Navratri. Wishing you happy Navratri 2021.

Navratri is the time to worship different avatars of Ma Durga, soak yourself in devotion and enjoy spirituality.Wishing you and your family the best of Navratri this year. May you have a wonderful celebration this year.

On the arrival of Navratri, I am wishing you and your family the best celebration ever.

Worship Maa Durga in nine days of Navratri and see the change it brings in your life. Jai Ma, Happy Navratri.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind about Navratri is the festival of “Shukla”, which is one of the three most sacred events in Hindu calendar. This occasion actually celebrates the boon of holy abundance which is provided by goddess Shakti to her lover Taurus with a shower of eight rainbow drops. Navratri is also the day on which the Goddess’s lover Taurus is believed to have got married to her divine lover Goddess Lakshmi. Navratri is thus a grand festival that carries a lot of importance, and in order to experience and enjoy the same to its fullest, it is important to create a list of all the people whom we are blessed to have met during our daily lives, and express our best Navratri wishes to them. Share Best Quotes for

Navratri Wishes For Family

May you celebrate the best of Navratri this year. May the goddess Durga fulfil all your wishes.

Navratri is the nine days of celebrating the divine power of Ma Durga. Happy Navratri and Happy New Year.

Happy Navratri and New year to you and your family. Wishing you all great success through the year.

Navratri has nine shades, garbha, pooja,ramleela, dushera and fair are few to name. Get soaked in all nine shades and enjoy Navratri.

Happy, happy and happy Navratri to all devotees of Ma Durga. Bent in-front of Ma Durga to receive her blessings.

Quotes For Navratri Wishes

Temples has been decorated, homes has been cleaned, it is the time to welcome Maa Durga on our mobile screen. Happy Navratri.

Happy Navratri to all devotees of Maa Durga. To see her miracle, forget everything for nine days and devote yourself to her.

Navratri is to celebrate nine avatars of Maa Durga. To see her strength, worship her by heart.

Happy Navratri to all of you, may you have the best time, celebration and success in life this year.

Navratri is not just a festival for many, it is the time of beginning, time of rethinking. May God bless you everything. Happy Navratri.

New hopes, new desires, new ambitions and new work, this is all Navratri brings with it. Enjoy the festival of positivity.

The universe, the air, water, sun everything is ready to Navratri a grand welcome. Happy Navratri and a prosperous New Year.

Happy Navratri to all my lovely friends. Want to see garbha in its best form with you all once again.

Navratri is the festival to celebrate the power of women. Every woman has Ma Durga inside her. Happy Navratri.

Navratri Inspirational Quotes For WhatsApp Status

Don’t just celebrate Navratri, understand its importance and respect women. Happy Navratri.

I wish this Navratri removes all darkness in your life and show you a new path that leads to success.

Be a wonderful person and a personality. This Navratri, take the pledge you will never hurt anyone and never break trust. Happy Navmi celebration.

I wish Maa Durga shower blessings on you and take you to new heights of success. Happy  Navratri.

This Navratri, don’t forget to pray and be thankful. She will bless you to make your life bountiful. Happy Navratri.

Begin your new journey of life, Maa Durga is there to shower her blessings on you this Navratri. Happy Navratri.

You move forward to achieve your goal with the blessings of Ma Durga and no hurdle would stop your way. Happy Navratri.

To become happy, first start spreading happiness around. This is the lesson that Navratri teaches all of us.

 Spirituality when merged with celebration, it becomes grand and talk of town, just like Navratri. Happy Navratri.

While celebrating Navratri, don’t forget its exact meaning that is worship the Nine Avatars of Maa Durga.

Happy Navratri Wishes

Maa Durga Quotes In English

Happy Navratri to you’re my friends, this is what I can best write in English to you all.

Get drenched in celebration of Navratri, forget all your pains and forgive enemies. Happy Navratri.

Navratri is the day to spread happiness and be happy. Don’t hesitate to dance, laugh and enjoy in public.

Happy Navratri to everyone who has faith in God and love mankind. Be the part of the celebration 2019.

I wanted to be the first one to wish my friends Happy Navratri, but then I saw numbers of messages in my Inbox of Navratri. Same to you guys.

Spread smiles around and you will get the same in return. Navratri is the festival that teaches this lesson.

The wind, river, ocean everyone is welcoming Navratri. Lets join this euphoria and be the part of celebration. Happy Navratri.

May lord Durga bless you happiness, prosperity and good health this Navratri. Happy Navratri and Dusshera.

Good fortune, good health and harmonious relation, this is what I wish for you during this Navratri celebration. Happy Navratri.

Be part of the biggest celebration of the Hindu year. This festival is the amalgamation of fun, excitement, spirituality and strength. Happy Navratri.

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Navratri Quotes For Instagram

I wish this Navratri begins showering celebration in your life. Happy Navratri and prosperous New year.

Happy Navratri to you, dear friends have a nice time. I am waiting for you guys in garbha event, don’t make me disappoint.

Celebrate the Navratri festival with zeal and euphoria. Ma Durga will shower her choicest blessings on you.

On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, I wish you get good health, happiness and prosperity. Happy Navratri.

May your Navratri festival start with happiness and end with loads of happiness. Happy Navratri.

Chrish the new beginning by welcoming Ma Durga at your home. Celebrate this festival with joy and happiness.

Happy Navratri to all my friends and known who are reading this message. May you have the best time in these nine days.

Blessings, positivity, happiness and spirituality, Navratri is bringing all these with it. Have a great celebration. Happy Navratri.

Celebrate Navratri with beloved family and friends. May this year remains full of celebration. Happy Navratri.

Have a great day and nine nights of celebration, this Navratri is waiting for your participation. Happy Navratri.

Navratri Wishes

  • This Navratri, become a new you by inculcating these qualities. Happy Navratri!

N=Nav Chetana.

A=Akhand Dranta


R=Roog muktata




I=Indriya Sanyamta

  • Navratri is the time to feel the energy of the stree in universe. Be Connected To Your and To The Eternal. Best of Navratri Wishes to you!
  • Give your string in her hand, you will never have to worry about downfall. Lots of wishes for Navratri!
  • Have trust in her plans, she has layed the best for you. Happy Navratri. Be the best.
  • Be happy in what you have, be happy in what you will have, and be happy for what you had. Happy Navratri.

Durga Puja Messages in Hindi

Maa Durga ki kripa aap par unhin bani rahe. App jo chahein dil se, wo har khawahish poori hoti rahe. Happy Durga Puja.

Khate hain kar deti hai maiya bin mange har muraad poori, jo vishwas se deta hai maiyya ke hathon apne jeewan ki doori. Happy Durga Puja!

Joor se bolo Jai Mata Di, Pyar Se Bolo Jai mata Di, Dheere se bolo Jai Mata Di, aur Saare Bolo, Jai Mata Di!

Wo kali hai, wo durga hai, wo parwati aur wahi laxkhmi hai. Jisme ye saare roop baste hain wo stree hai. Happy Durga Puja.

Beshak na jhuka tu apne sir ko uske aage, bas karta rah apni Maa, Behan, Beti aur Patni ki hifazaat, dekhege tu barasti rahegi tujhpar uski rahmat. Happy Durga Puja.

Navratri is the Festival of colorful costumes and jewelry, Navratri is the Festival to wish your friend and family. This is the Festival of love and joyous memories. Therefore, we should try to express our best wishes to our family and friends on this day of Navratri. Share Our Best Quotes On Navratri With Your Family And Friend. We have quotes that reflects many emotions. Be with greetingsmsg.com to get more such wishes and messages.

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