Fresh Ideas For Belated Birthday Wishes For Brother

by Swati Singh

Belated Birthday Wishes For Brother : Forgot to wish your sibling happy birthday, scared that he will create a big scene? Compensate your mistake by sending belated birthday wishes! Find an idea to draft eloquent wishes from our collection of belated birthday wishes for brother.

Everyone wants to feel extraordinary on their birthday. Any individual wants to feel like a king or queen of the world. Relatives and friends present various gifts and surprises with blessings and love for the birthday boy or girl on their special day. Sometimes, this occasion got skipped as of our heavy work schedule. In such circumstances, has tried to provide the fresh quotes of the year. Here, you can meet a variety of belated birthday wishes for brother and relatives in respect of compensating with your loved ones as of not wishing them on their special day.

Belated Birthday wishes for brother

You look so young that how can I wish you to become older? Still, stay blessed, and happy belated birthday bro!

I am sorry for not wishing you on your special day. Can we compensate for this with a cheese burst pizza? I know you love it! Happy late birthday brother!

What will be more surprising than making you wait for my birthday wishes. I wish my brother receives many blessings, a healthy and wealthy life. Belated Happy Birthday Bro!

One of the amazing personalities I have in this life is my younger brother. Please forgive me for not wishing you yesterday. Take my blessings and prayers for you on your birthday. Belated happy birthday sweetheart!

Though your younger than me you are still smarter. I’m lucky to have such an honest brother. May you receive all the happiness in your life and better brother in the next life. Stay blessed! Happy belated birthday brother!

Belated Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy belated birthday to my naughty sister. I know you must be angry at me but I am getting a surprise for you, an iPhone! Hope now you will smile and forgive me. Happy belated birthday sissy!

We have shared a lot of memories together. I did a crime by not wishing you on your birthday. Please accept my greetings now, hope you had a blast on your special day. Belated Happy birthday, sis!

You know I’m always late and the same happened to wish you on your birthday. God bless you and belated happy birthday sister.

Having the cutest sister like you is a blessing for me. Belated happy birthday dear.

I thought you were busy with your boyfriend with all-day parties and surprises. So, I have not disturbed you. Accept my greetings and always be happy. Belated happy birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes For Boss/Colleague

I was so busy doing office stuff that I forgot to wish you, Sir. Happy belated birthday Boss.

Sorry to wish you on your birthday. Can we take a bunk from the office and compensate to celebrate alone? I am going to pay all the bills. Happy belated birthday colleague.

Having an analytical boss like you is a blessing for me. Thank you for everything and belated happy birthday boss. I want to work longer with the organization.

Hope you had a grand celebration with the office team. I am sorry as unable to join. Belated happy birthday Sir.

Wishing you late doesn’t mean that I had forgotten your special day. It was your first date with your girlfriend so I didnot disturb you. Hope you had a good time. Happy belated birthday dear.

Funny Belated Birthday Messages

Yes, it’s true that you were the center of attraction on your special day. But today is a new day. Now you and me, both are on the same track. Belated happy birthday, friend.

You have a forgetful friend and it’s me. Belated happy birthday dear.

Hey, any cake left for me. I’m late to wish happy birthday.

I did a crime by not sending wishes on your birthday. Take me to jail. belated Happy birthday.

I was running out of the mind what should I give you on your special day. So, I am a bit late. Belated Happy birthday sweetie. provides feeling-ful wishes for your relatives and loves ones with an intent to make their day special. We have tried to bring the best fresh quotes on Belated Birthday wishes for brother and your loved ones. Feel free to share these cute messages with your relatives and enrich their emotions.

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