Bastille day Greeting In English and French

by Swati Singh

Bastille day is an important event in France as it is the independence day of France. This is the Day when France got its Independence. People in France celebrate the day with devotion and the feeling of patriotism. Parade and firewords (at Eiffel tower) take place at the national level in the respect of the day, while people celebrate it by organizing some group events, helping needy ones and also by sharing bastille day greeting and wishes among each other.

Now, you must be wondering why the day is called as bastille day, when it is the independence day of France. The answer to the same is that, bastille is  Fortress used as prison. It was destroyed on 14 July, 1789 and French revolution started to establish the present day France political, social and economical structure. So, the day hold a huge importance for the people of France. The 14 July is known as bastille day but if you would wish someone happy bastille day, then it is considered as wrong gesture, instead, wish them, saying, la Fête Nationale Française, la Fête du 14 Juliet or Fete Nat. Here is the collection of bastille day greeting for you that you can share to wish your friends, family members, relative and others. 

Bastille Day Greeting

Bastille day is all about remembering the past and enjoying the day. Fete Nat to all of you.

Amid all fun, celebration and excitement, don’t forget to pay tribute to those who has shaped the country this way for you. la Fête Nationale Française.

Lots of wishes and greetings to you on bastille day. Wish the day be great and blissful for you.

Parade, firework, parties, celebration, all these are the part of  Batille day celebration. May you enjoy all of them.

Whist it is important to enjoy every moment of life, it is also important to learn some lessons from it. Just like we should learn from French revolution. la Fête Nationale Française

The French revolution gives us a learning that everything is possible if you will do it with a strong will. la Fête Nationale Française

Present day France is the result of sacrifices made by the great heroes of the nation. Greatest tribute to them and lots of wishes to all you dear friends.

la Fête Nationale Française, Dear France you keep rocking, we are proud of you.

In each of my life I want to take birth in France and devote it for my country’s upliftment. May you shine like a star on the earth France. la Fête Nationale Française.

You have taught the world, the true meaning of romance and love. Proud of you France.

Bastille day wishes
Bastille day wishes

Bastille Day Greeting French

La Bastille consiste à se souvenir du passé et à profiter de la journée. Fêtez Nat à vous tous.

Au milieu du plaisir, de la fête et de l’excitation, n’oubliez pas de rendre hommage à ceux qui ont façonné le pays de cette façon pour vous. la Fête Nationale Française.

Beaucoup de voeux et de salutations à vous le jour de la bastille. Je souhaite que la journée soit belle et heureuse pour vous.

Défilé, feu d’artifice, fêtes, célébration, tout cela fait partie de la célébration de la journée Batille. Puissiez-vous les apprécier tous.

S’il est important de profiter de chaque instant de la vie, il est également important d’en tirer des leçons. Tout comme nous devrions apprendre de la révolution française. la Fête nationale française

La révolution française nous apprend que tout est possible si vous le faites avec une forte volonté. la Fête nationale française

La France actuelle est le résultat des sacrifices consentis par les grands héros de la nation. Plus grand hommage à eux et beaucoup de souhaits à vous tous, chers amis.

la Fête nationale française, chère France, tu continues de nous balancer, nous sommes fiers de toi.

Vous avez enseigné au monde le vrai sens de la romance et de l’amour. Fière de toi France.

Refer our bastille day greeting and quotes written with utmost care considering their love for the nation. Like our other messages collection we have tried to be as good as possible.

French National Day Quotes

My love for France has multiplied manifold after meeting the people here. Lots of love to France. la Fête Nationale Française.

la Fête Nationale Française, proud to be a French and love everything about France.

If would get a chance to take birth as a human being in my next life, I would to be called a French man.

The soil, air, water, sun everything of France owe me. All my life, I devote to my country with the feeling of love and proud.

You and its only you who is my first love and will be my last love. Love you France, love you Paris love you all. la Fête Nationale Française.

Being a French is the matter of proud and I feel blessed that I have got the opportunity to be called as French. la Fête Nationale Française.

Every effort counts when it comes to nation building. So, never think what you could do, think only you could do.

We are the future of France, we are the protector of France, we the creator of France. Always be united, so that nothing could break France. la Fête Nationale Française.

Love you France, you have given me numerous reasons to proud on you, now I want to give you a few reasons to make you proud on me. la Fête Nationale Française.

Wish you la Fête Nationale Française. May you grow-grow and just grow.

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Bastille Day Wishes

La Fête Nationale Française to all French, your pleasing temperament is truly inspiring.

When France has such lovely citizens, how it could have enemies. la Fête Nationale Française.

Lots of love to France for 14 July. May the country grow and creates new milestones every year. la Fête du 14 Juliet.

Fete Nat! From my the depth of my heart. May you have the best day.

Wishing all my French friends, la Fête du 14 Juliet. Have a great day.

Although its la Fête du 14 Juliet, let act in the national interest. No gathering, no celebration, just wishing everyone with full heart.

Dear France I saw your landscape, open skies, beautiful terrains as tourist but have fallen in love with it. All my wishes for you, have a wonderful future. la Fête du 14 Juliet.

I know it’s a big day of your’s. la Fête du 14 Juliet from the depth of my heart.

Wishing someone on big days is a good gesture. In France also, people send wishes and greetings when they are unable to meet the person vis-à-vis. On the Bastille Day, if you are unable to meet your loved ones, take help of our Bastille Day Greeting and send them. Our amazing collection is inspiring and heartfelt.

If you like our bastille day greeting & Wishes collection, send us your feedback in the comment box or if you have any suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to share.

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